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Three NFL New Crown News

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Joe Hayden infection Recently, the new crown epidemic occurred repeatedly in the United States, and NFL was inevitably involved in it. Here are three pieces of news about the new crown this Saturday, us time. Joe Haden’s new crown test is positive, which is a big blow […]

NFL may alliance conference will be held Online

When affected by the outbreak, the league teams are online off-season training, NFL decided to make changes to the spring League meeting is also expected. The conference, which was supposed to be held in the Los Angeles area from May 19 to 20, will now be held in a virtual […]

San Francisco 49ers trade for Trent Williams Jerseys

49ers general manager said the Williams Jersey was added to the deal John Lynch was busy during the draft. Especially on the third day, when he made a deal for the team (Trent Williams), sent off Marquise Goodwin and Joe Staley. Starley announced his retirement shortly after the Williams deal, […]

Green Bay Packers plans to trade multiple sets of nfl jerseys

The Packers is determined to choose the quarterback, Loew, who has planned multiple NFL Jerseys trading schemes Green Bay Packers industry has the current quarterback and the future quarterback. If the team has found a future quarterback, most people will think it’s a good thing. But the Packers fans are […]

2020 NFL draft breaks jerseys sales record on second day

The second day of the 2020 NFL Draft breaks its own ratings and online Jerseys sales record After the first day of the 2020 NFL draft, the next day’s ratings (2-3 rounds) also set a new rating record. On Friday night, when the draft was broadcast live, 8.2 million people […]

Dallas Cowboys plan to use jerseys to bid for contracts

Cowboys plan to use the bidding contract for close forward Calvin and quarterback rush Although the Cowboys haven’t yet identified the whereabouts of the dak Prescott and the Jason Witten, they will make sure that the reserves are there first. According to ESPN, cowboys will use two jerseys bidding contracts […]

Dallas cowboys And Philadelphia Eagles jerseys cheap sales

At 9:20 a.m. Beijing time on November 12, the 10th round of the NFL Sunday Night Competition started in Philadelphia. The defending champion Eagles played against the Dallas Cowboys at home. After the London Bowl’s victory over Jacksonville Jaguars, the Eagles urgently need a victory to maintain the momentum of […]

NFL the youngest player jerseys online?

Beyond Zhu Zhu, the 21 year old NFL became the youngest 1500 yard catcher. Last Sunday’s Pittsburgh Steelers’match against Cleveland Brown was not only a key battle on the way to the seventh Super Bowl championship in the history of the Steelers, but also a record-breaking match for second-year outsider […]

MLB and NCAA jerseys on sale ?

  NFL champion substitute was chosen by MLB or emulate Wilson to continue his college Rugby career. At the just ended MLB American League Baseball League jerseys 2018 amateur show conference, the ninth – handed Oakland sportsman chose the Kyler Murray of the “amphibious” player of the quarterback / outfielder […]

The prospects for the development of rugby in China?

Rugby World Cup trophy tour Beijing Railway Station: Rugby glory to the Great Wall The 2019 Rugby World Cup trophy tour ended the end of the week’s visit to Beijing on the Great Wall. As the sixth station for the tour, the world cup, the Weber Ellis cup, visited Tsinghua, […]