The dolphins signed wholesale nfl jerseys safety Macdonald

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The United States Wednesday wholesale nfl jerseys Miami dolphins interviewed Losangeles rams safetys TJ Macdonald, but Macdonald is still in the suspended state.




A few days later the dolphin announced the signing of the 26 year old defender.

This contract is obviously very interesting, this is the first time a low cost contract, while increasing the depth of the team, veteran Nate Allen signed Hugh season earlier and the team, and two of them also need and the original safety Michael Thomas competition.

In recent weeks, the injury has been a bit more frequent. Even if they can return to Jack next week – Ron and Kim – but also has to pray this week to be injured, the injury list has been a little too much, because of the fact that it was not a big deal for the injured man, who was injured in the week of the week, by the end of the week on, with the exception of the fact that it would be a good thing for the rest of the world to return.
The penguin injury list: Yevgeniy Malkin, Chris hall, Carle Levin, Trevor Hagelin – Daly and Ollie mata.

The penguins are due to have their last five regular season games next week and will be home to the North Carolina hurricane next Monday.

In the 71 game of the season, scored a total of 9 goals scored by 20 points cheap nfl jerseys wholesale. But recently cunitz state is not good, the past 24 games only scored 1 goals and 3 assists.

NHL selected the March best players from Samsung, Tampa Bay Lightning right-wing Nikita – Kuche’s Columbo, the Azzurri goalkeeper Sergei Bob Lovskey and the Chicago Blackhawks right-wing Patrick Kaine were elected.

In 14 games last month, Kuche’s scored 12 goals out of 10 assists, a total of 22 points, to lead the league, while his 6 play goal also lead the league, he helped the lightning team made 10 wins and 4 negative results in 1 overtime in March, 11 of these games and he has scored, with 8 games to his more than 2 points, including 7 goals in the final 5 games he made a total of 11 points and 4 assists. In March 23rd he played at Boston bears the harvest of occupation career third hat trick in March 24th at the Detroit Red Wings team match, he scored second career overtime golden occupation. The 23 year old Kuche’s made in March 22 points to create a single month history of lightning team scoring record, and he scored 38 goals in 68 games in the League ranked second, a total of 80 points ranked sixth in the league, his 17 play goal has been to create a personal high, at present in the League ranked tied for first.

11 appearances last month, Bob Lovskey made 9 wins and 1 losses 1 overtime record, averaging 1.09, save rate is 96.7%, including 4 shutouts, scored 10 wins and 4 losses 2 extra negative results in March, third times in the history of the team to the playoffs in. In 11 games, including 8 games he conceded in a ball, and he in cheap jerseys March the high light performance is the three consecutive games won the shutout, he in 7 games to make the fight more than 30 times, including 23 March hit a season high 44 saves.

Macdonald was the first player in four years, is the third round of the draft in 2013, completed the last season, the capture of the last time the destruction of the passing of the 6 pass of the 2 copy of the 62.

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