HBO and NFL jerseys china media announced the continuation online

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Tough training camp has unlimited vitality.

HBO sports, NFL media and NFL jerseys china films announced on Monday that they renewed the popular documentary series.

Peter gray, executive vice president of sports at HBO, said: “tough guy camp is a very good sports documentary. HBO, NFL team, as well as the NFL film three cooperation, continuous output unparalleled, novel and considerable television programs. I’m glad that HBO will be able to keep the show.”

The tough guys training camp was first shown on television in 2001, and it was a big hit. It showed the fans the dynamics behind the scenes and how the teams worked hard.

In four games last week, Marcus Johansson scored 1 goals out of 7 assists, a total of 8 points, assists and scoring to lead the League to help people in the capital, won the three game of the victory in the league, at present still occupies the first position. In March 28th the team beat Minnesota 5:4 overtime wild game, he sent 4 assists, including the final final winning goal assists; in March 29th the team beat Colorado 5:3 avalanche team match, he scored 1 goals and 1 assists out; in March 31st the team lost 3:6 to Arizona coyotes in the game, he sent 2 assists the team to beat Columbo 3:2 in April 2nd; the blue team, he did not score. The 26 year old, who has been in the League for the first time in his career for the past 7 years, has scored a total of 23 goals this season and scored a career high of about $56.

NFL senior film director Ross – Ketuofo said: “HBO is the best place for tough training camp, to wholesale jerseys china continue this relationship benefited too happy.”

This year’s five set of tough training camp will be broadcast on August 8th.

In three appearances last week, tal Bert scored a victory, averaging 1.66, save rate of 94.6%, he helped the oilers defeated three opponents in the same district wonderful performance, and since the 2005-06 season the first break into the playoffs. In March 28th the team beat Losangeles 2:1 the king of the game, he made 34 saves; in March 30th the team 3:2 defeated the San Jose Sharks in the game he made 38 saves; in April 1st the team 3:2 defeated the Anaheim team in duckling he made 16 saves. The 29 year old Talbot this season has made 70 appearances for nike jerseys the team, the league is way ahead of the other goalkeeper for the team, he scored 40 victories, also created his occupation career high, tying the 1987-88 season legend Grant Faure created the record in team history. This season, his record was 40 wins and 21 negative overtime in the negative, averaging a goal of 2.36, the rate of elimination of up to 92.1%, scored the next 7 closures.

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