Toni Romo will switch to wholesale nfl jerseys radio and television

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According to ESPN reports, wholesale nfl jerseys Toni Romo officially retired, will become the radio and television industry. Currently interested in him include CBS, Fox and NBC.


Tony Romo

Tony Romo


The decision may still Romo health factors, April 21st will be over the age of 37, he said, age and family health is the most important thing. He had only 5 games in the first two seasons due to a broken collarbone and a back injury. In August last year, it was a back injury that allowed him to hand over the starting position to Prescott.

The goalkeeper position, goalkeeper Henrik Rehnquist in 4 games the injury only for the team with 1 wins, and 4 games, his suppression rate was only 87.3%, this performance can not help but the prospect of artificial nieyibahan rangers.

In contrast, people in the capital, teams in the past 10 games scored 8 victories, locking the regular season championship also lets the team morale is very high, the attack aspect, at present several front of the team opened the situation, two groups of left wing Marcus last week won the league’s best player Samsung Johansson scored 1 goals in the last 8 games out 9 assists, a group of center Niklas Barker Strom with 2 goals and 8 assists, Captain Arrakis Ovici Kim had 5 goals and 3 assists, partner T.J. O’Shea has 4 goals and 3 assists, and cheap nfl jerseys several members of the three groups also have their own contribution, which makes the team playoff prospects look very bright.
Backcourt, Kevin – Kirk is still Teng Sha can not be stopped, the last 8 games he scored 1 goals from 8 assists, while others such as Matt and Dimitri – Orlov – nice Yankening can also in series to the team offensive and defensive support, and the team score equal under attack leading rate reached 54.37%, the highest the league, which will bring no small confidence for their playoff.

The goalkeeper position, play the game the team sent the substitute Philip – Bauer Gruber, therefore this competition team may still be the main Braden Holt ratio, but the capital may also Ritchie Development League goalkeeper Feinikesi ray to let Holt get science than the rest.

Deal with wild horses and Dezhou related rumors have come to an end, the current competition is still the starting position of the Mustang Trevor – West and Ann – Paxton the first time to compete for the starting position of the Mustang is still – West and

This Monday, NHL announced that they would not participate in the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics in South Korea, wholesale jerseys which means that all players in NHL are not involved in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, this is the first time since 1994 NHL does not participate in the winter olympics. Looks like the world’s best hockey stars will be the world’s largest ice movement on the stage to show their skills, which many NHL players are on Twitter or in an interview expressed their dissatisfaction, these players including several known to every family name.

NHL does not participate in the Winter Olympics caused a strong reaction to the League to denounce the star.

The Swedish national team goalkeeper and the king of New York, Henrik – blue Kuisi in Twitter has two tweets published his dissatisfaction with the NHL decision. In the first tweet, he said: “this is disappointing news, NHL will not participate in the 2018 winter olympics. One of the largest in the world stage to showcase the sport of ice hockey opportunities so wasted… “, followed by the blue Kuisi special again and said:” but the most important thing is not to participate in the special activities of the players is really very disappointed. “As a gentleman and the famous Henrik LAN Kuisi in twitter politely expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision of NHL.

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