The Cardinals again drunkenness receiver was taken away by the police

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Another name for the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver was taken away by the police, according to sources, the Arizona Cardinals squad at the age of 22 and took over Marquez Bardi in J Coates Dyer of Arizona, a nightclub and a violation of drunkenness police, so the police arrested the selection of young players.

According to police reports, Bardi in the United States on Saturday at about 2:00 o’clock in the morning at the entrance of the strange behavior of chaos, when Bardi told the police that his hat was stolen in a nightclub, he wanted to find someone to talk about. When the guard told the players that they had not found his hat, Bardi started to go crazy, and eventually Bardi’s behavior led him to be taken away by the police.

In section third, the fans avalanche team to counter ultra score victory rush in this season last home court game, but experienced wild team controlled the pitch, sixth minutes and 43 seconds, they broke the deadlock, the two groups in the team striker in front of the avalanche fierce attack, Eric Stroh in the left instigated offensive, he found out the weak side defensive partner Nino ned the latter beat Burke Ryder, defensive poke the ball.
Tenth minutes, a team from the wild center Glenn Lund shows strong personal ability, he got the ball in midfield, one along the left wall in the onrush, rid defender avalanche more than after the small angle hit the door, Pickard blocked a fatal mistake, the ball straight up the top corner of the net.

Fourteenth minutes and 20 seconds, for a long time under the avalanche team pulled one back, center Matt Du Xianyan left after the cross goalkeeper Matt dart, Nirvana beat defenders multi block the ball into the wild team door.
The last time the avalanche team started kuanggong, less than 2 minutes left in the game when the play also got less chance, eighteenth minutes and 46 seconds once the team scored a goal, but wild team challenge, the referee that avalanche striker interference goalkeeper in the first place, the goal is invalid. Avalanche team at the end of this season, the last home game regret to swallow the defeat.

The Arizona Cardinals office that already know this, but the most serious problem is that the matter has been submitted to the NFL office, and the cardinals and NFL will be punished according to the player’s bad behavior, maybe Bardi will be like Freud Michael before him – treatment.

The young rookie last season is over foreign players, he was not any team in the draft, but he was the Cardinals signed last season, he did not play a game, after this incident he can remain in the Arizona Cardinals have a problem.

With Holt Braden than in the home court shutout over the main holiday of the New York Rangers, the Washington Capitals also successfully locked ahead of two regular season championship, this is also the team since the 2009-10 season and 2015-16 team Shi Di won three regular season Champions, they have got the symbol of this honor award “the president’s cup”. Although in many people’s opinion, if you can not get the Stanley cup, the value of the Presidential Cup is basically zero……

However, it is still very important for the Stanley cup, the team to win the trophy to ensure that each playoff series occupy the home advantage. To talk about how big the home court is, let’s look at the chances of winning the Stanley cup in the last year.

Since the 1985-86 season the President Cup was born, not the people in the capital this year, a total of 15 teams won the trophy 30 times, which would eventually win the Stanley cup 8 times, at first glance, this probability is only 26.67%, is not high, but if compared with 6.25% of 1/16, but also has obvious advantages of cross. If back to the 1967-68 league season since the 48 expansion, regular season championship final 19 teams won the Stanley cup, the probability rose to 39.58%, close to 40% of the probability is very high.

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