Lincoln high school visit to China:cheap football jerseys help cultural exchanges

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Football help Sino US cultural cheap nfl football jerseys exchanges to build a bridge of communication between students

Two students posed for pictures

April 7th 8:30 am, by the Shanghai Sports Association and the Shanghai Football Association sponsored by the Sino US student sports and cultural exchanges in Shanghai Ping school held as scheduled. Ping School President Su Chenjie, general manager of NFL China, Mr. Yang Ruiqi and President of global football, Mr. Patrick attended and delivered a speech on behalf of Mr. Stenberg. At the event, two athletes from Lincoln high school in the United States to bring peace to the students of the class a wonderful football experience. At the end of the campaign, Mr. Yang Ruiqi, on behalf of NFL China, donated waist flag football equipment to Ping An school to support local youth football and development.


Both players play

Pass the ball, flag, running, two American students are the players of demonstration and explanation of each basic action for the students to see, do not meet the standards of the catcher and running routes, they will hand the correct. In order to be able to better experience the technical essentials of pulling the flag, Tyrrell and Blanding also played with the scene of a pair of students playing the flag. Flat field and high school sports teacher said: “this campaign is out of the ordinary, the training of everyone involved is very encouraging, we will also take this way into their courses”. 20 minutes after the exchange of training, the students were divided into two teams, the United States and the United States to join the team of students in the United States, as their team’s quarterback, we carried out a flag football game on.

When we look at the finals. All 30 teams won the president’s Cup in 11 eventually reached the Stanley Cup finals, and the 8 team won the Stanley cup, winning probability is as high as 72.72%, the regular season champions have visible incredible psychological advantage in the finals.

Although the rumors about the curse of the Presidential Cup have been very popular, but at least from the point of view of probability, can win the Presidential Cup team’s chances of winning the championship is not low. However, another interesting data about the Presidential Cup is that no team has won the Stanley cheap jerseys nfl cup in the first time to win the Presidential Cup, the curse is still continuing.

Is this season, a total of 15 teams won the 31 President Cup, the Detroit Red Wings team won 6 times, ranking first in the league, the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals each win 3 ranked tied for second, won 2 Presidential Cup Club Edmonton, Calgary, Dallas oil flame star, Colorado, Vancouver and Boston with the avalanche and the brown bear, won a club San Jose Sharks, Buffalo saber, Ottawa senator and Saint Louis blues and the Penguins of Pittsburgh.

It is reported that Lincoln from the high school took over the defense of the front line and Blanding Porter is already the second time to China, the. From October 8th to 18 last year, Lincoln high school principal, led by a group of students in the middle of the 100 high school students in China, conducted a special trip to visit the University of China in the city of China in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by the Chinese cheap jerseys football Academy of Sciences, led by high school students in the middle school of. At that time, Tyrrell and Blanding followed the delegation visited Hongkong, Fuzhou, Chengdu and Beijing, a total of four cities, and Chinese youth launched a series of colorful cultural exchange activities. Tyrrell said: “it’s great to be in China again, this is my first time in Shanghai, everyone is very enthusiastic about us. “Brandyn also said:” very happy to share my favorite sports to China students, they are so interested in the sport, but also makes us very excited”.

Third times won the president’s Cup team this season, people in the capital is strong momentum, and at the right time seem to be on their side, the team at the trade deadline in exchange for Kevin – Kirk Teng Sha so Jiang Yuan to make a last ditch, and their biggest rival Pittsburgh penguins came the central defender Christopher Le Tang news, the season is that people in the capital have Every dog has his day?

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