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DeAndre Levy

DeAndre Levy

In the past two seasons due to cheap jerseys injury in only a handful of appearances after linebacker Andrea de – Levi in this offseason by the Detroit lions cut. But he’s still not out of trouble.
Levi told reporters that he underwent knee surgery a few days ago. He also says he is focused on restoring health with the help of a trusted doctor.”

Levi ipsilateral knee injury last season, but after the end of the season he was considered without surgery. That may be why he says, “with the help of a trusted doctor”
Levi signed a big contract in 2015, but in the past two seasons he played only 6 games. The lion lay off Levi so as to avoid the original contract payment provisions of $1 million 750 thousand in guaranteed income injuries. The problem is now in Levi to undergo surgical circumstances may upset him.

A knee injury may explain why the man who had done a jerseys china good job is still not interested in being cut.

The 30 year old Matt Taormina is the union of the “bottom player”, the last two seasons playing in Tampa bay. Today he has won an award: the AHL defender of the year – Eddie – Shaw award.

Here’s a report from AHL:
Thor Minaben season Syracuse played 66 games, scored 14 goals and 42 assists, totaling 56 points, three figures are the highest career. In his AHL guard scoring and tied for first, and with 29 points in the League scoring title fight. At the same time, he also has positive and negative values of +9, lead the incomplete all season in the northern top the list of the competitors.

According to people familiar with the matter, the former Minnesota Vikings star guard will visit New Orleans saints next week.

Peterson opened in the free agent market shortly after the visit to the Seattle cheap jerseys online Seahawks, but the Seahawks signed Eddie resines. He also visited the new England patriots, but did not get a contract, but still intends to sign back to run Weile Aigo Garrett Blount.

Earlier this week there were reports that three to five teams to Peterson, he also did not now indicate that after the asking price is not rejected the invitation team. Seven selected professional bowl Peterson has made it clear that he is willing to wait patiently for the right home.

Although the Peterson to visit the saints, but it is hard to believe that the saints for him. The saint has a similar type of Mark – Ingram, who has just been in the last six years of his career in the best performance.
The bigger problem is that Peterson doesn’t play the catcher in his career. He is not suitable for the saints to pass the attack group.

In other words, after visiting the saints Peterson may continue to look for the next home.

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