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Haruki Murakami in the “Norway forest”, refers to the night view: as 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys a way to divert the flesh is nice, but when morning is unpleasant, “woke up and saw a strange girl sleeping in the room beside me, a taste, lamp, bed curtains are hotels the gaudy things” too vulgar to be endured and the girls woke up, “rustling free shipping china life around touch underwear, side mirror lipstick and sticky eyelashes, while complaining about headaches, makeup is not good…… All these cause self loathing and disillusionment.” So, “and the girl be strangers to each other sleep, sleep more is futile, only to end up terribly fatigued, self boring.”

– these are the words of Watanabe, the man in the book.

And the same is Watanabe, in the female rulers and the intimacy of the child “asleep” after the 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys experience is “never felt the warmth and closeness in the mood”, Naoko disappears, he felt that “what my heart is lost, and nothing to fill, only a pure empty and abandoned no, the body light unusual”. Until eighteen years later, still have a vague memory of debris catch at “” as long as there is time, always remember her face”.

This is the difference between physical love and spiritual love. The former is a fast food 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys outlet, and the latter can be stretched in the heart. After the end of the former only to end up exhausted and disillusionment, who have long aftertaste.

Good stuff, the aftertaste is always.

People used to describe good music, that is “three days without a break, The tune lingered in 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys the room.,” this is the highest praise, although exaggerated, has revealed the charm and magic of music. On the contrary, if there is what music, listening to feel heard melodious, but leaving no aftertaste, even make people tired, it is obviously not good enough.

Wine tasting. An important indicator of quality is Wine, aftertaste. “Long aftertaste” is the essential characteristics of any wine, the more excellent top wine, the more delicate, fruity aftertaste, aftertaste. On the “long”, the West has also developed a clear standard, and we exaggerate in music “three days without a break of this romantic, serious Westerners think, after a Wine drink, taste in the mouth if 10 seconds away, this wine is not how, if can last for 20 to 30 seconds. This is a good wine, if the taste can reach 45 seconds or even more than a minute, it is a powerful, high-quality wine bottle seiko.

Food is even more. On the tip of the tongue “Chinese” director Chen Xiaoqing said, good 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys food, can let your mind get comfort food, rather than simple words “. Only want the tongue, is the lowest level of food. True delicacy, after full of delicious food and stomach, should let the heart get some comfort, let you in after the meal, looked at the table full of debris, not like the night after the end of the morning, tired and disillusionment. Good food, will eat aftertaste, with great eloquence, belly full, also get enough.

Even the process of making food is also true. Now people use gas for cooking, always feel that there is no wood Hot pot burning out of incense, one reason is that the gas is off, the heat stopped, as firewood and coal, the fire extinguished, wood ash and coal ash is hot, this slow heat, it can take out food is delicious. The microwave oven is even worse, once stopped, even the stove heat are not, so the food is more guadan.

Do not look down on the last point of the temperature, the good or bad things are often china cheap super bowl jerseys 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys in this subtle difference, the good point is much better, the difference is very far.

Say back feelings.

When in love, the boy went home, unable to part separately in a sweet date after girl, boy walked away, the girl stood there not to walk, the heart is sweet wrapped, soft ripples, the aftertaste of love, too wonderful for words. Or, even if we break up, two people also have a proper ending, no fatigue, no embarrassment, no decorum, until several years later, to think of each other, the memory of the picture is beautiful, feel it is pleasant, the more valuable.

Juvenile school said that life in the end is constantly put down, unfortunately, we can 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys not say goodbye. Good: goodbye, to let the feelings finally leave a good look at what, still can make people slowly aftertaste. Otherwise, if a relationship ends before the head broken and bleeding angry voices and hard words, and then the United States, have greatly reduced.

“Life and movies, is to win the aftertaste.” This is the Japanese director Yasujiro Otsu said. Such is the case。 A movie, if you can not give people the feeling and aftertaste, even if the audience from the beginning to the end of a laugh or cry to the tail, but also only a short vent, seen also seen, can not remember, at the box office is high, it can not be considered to win.

Life is even more so. The good life is not necessarily more stunning scenery, and did not 2016 new cheap super bowl jerseys need or strong wind and big waves so smooth, but always want to live out their meaning, to own their own light in full bloom, to withstand long delicate taste, with the old grandchildren about, can let the children from the heart to praise hey! That’s great! Even if not to talk with others, they also feel Za ZA, do not have some charm. Don’t sit in a rocking chair basking in the sun, recalled that sixty or seventy years, just feel boring.

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