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In April, NFL of the free market nfl jerseys china has been basically settled, and once a year — another focus taishu season’s draft, has entered the countdown stage. Starting today, we will focus on the content of the day will focus on the draft. Today, I will bring an introductory article for the draft, so that we can have a basic understanding of the draft.

North America’s four major league, or even the top fifth – football, have their draft system. The major league draft system are also similar, familiar with the NBA reader can be said to be very familiar with the draft. However, NFL and other major league in the draft has obvious differences.

In yesterday’s game, maple leaf goalkeeper Hendrix – Anderson and the Penguins of the – Seth, collided with the game, out of the game of the game, the game, the game, the game, the game, the game, the game, and the game of the game, the game, the game, the Lakers and the penguin. Today Columbo and blue in the game, the maple leaf injury list added two people suspected.

The first section of the end, Nikita Zaitsev in baffle was Nick Fuligenuo thump, then slowly return to the field to rest. But in the second quarter, he returned to the dressing room after a round and did not return. At first suffered lower extremity injuries Zaitsev announced the maple leaf, but then changed to upper extremity injuries.

Toronto maple leaf this morning announced that due to an emergency, the goalkeeper Garrett nba jerseys china Sparks recalled from the AHL.

Hendrix, the first goalkeeper of the maple leaf, was injured in a game against the penguins yesterday, and he left the game for a few minutes after holding on to the ice for the first time. Then the goalkeeper Curtis Michael Pauusini as he played and played well, saved a shot by Crosby at the last minute, at the same time to help the team win also clinched a playoff spot.

After the game coach Mike – Babcock Anderson although did not give specific circumstances, but said he is expected to return in the game against the blue today. But before the game today, Babcock announced that, although Anderson did not suffer concussion, he will not play. He also said he hopes Anderson will resume training tomorrow and return to the playoffs.

Garrett Sparks a year ago Maple played in 17 games, with 89.3% of the rate of fighting. He hasn’t played for maple leaves this season.

HL selected the week is the last week of the regular season the league’s best players from Samsung, cheap jerseys Senator of Ottawa goalkeeper Craig Anderson, Edmonton oilers defender Oscar Clive Bohm and Tampa Bay Lightning Center – special anyp Braden were elected.

First star – Craig – Anderson, goalkeeper, Ottawa Senator

4 games last week, Anderson scored 3 wins and 1 extra negative results, averaging 1.44, save rate is as high as 94.3%, and won a shutout, helping Senator team made 3 wins and 1 losses 1 extra negative results, locked the second division of the Atlantic. In April 3rd the team lost 4:5 to the Detroit Red Wings team he made 29 saves; but on the second day the same face of the Red Wings team match, he made 24 saves to help the team 2:0 shutout; in April 6th the team 2:1 penalty beat Boston Bruins he made 28 saves; the New York Rangers in the game he made 18 saves to beat the team in April 8th of 3:1. The 35 year old Anderson this season because the wife of the season with cancer only played in 40 games, but he still took 25 wins and 11 losses 4 extra negative results, averaging 2.28, save rate is 92.6%, and the 5 end seal.
The team another defender Roman Pollack is injured in the first quarter and returned to the locker room, so far, only four defenders in front of the maple leaf, let them in the game to defend the the Atlantic division third cage on a shadow.

First of all, the NFL draft is different from the other three major league of the most significant feature, that is, NFL selected players, the number of contributions to the team can make a great contribution. NBA draft only two rounds, the rookie season will be able to play the main force, may only be able to do before the ten show, the first player outside the number ten, rookie season may only be a substitute. The second round of the players, it may be difficult to list. But there is little league baseball and ice hockey system is relatively perfect, baseball draft time is during the season, so all the players after being drafted to the minor league began playing, even as strong as Stephen Strasbourg (2009 MLB draft), also selected a year after the first major league staged show. Ice hockey is not an exaggeration, but it is rare to be a star player like Mathews and Patrick Lane in the rookie season. Therefore, in these three alliances, in general, the rookie was selected to play the main force, have a long way to go.

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