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While NFL is greatly different, was nfl jerseys cheap selected in the first round of the draft is expected to almost all in his rookie season will become the main force, even in the second round, the third round of the rookie, good performance can obtain significant playing time in his rookie season. If we say why NFL rookie so important, mainly for several reasons. The biggest reason is that NFL is eligible to run for the most stringent restrictions on the age of amateur players, must be three years after graduating from high school can run. In contrast, NBA requires a full year of high school graduation, NHL requires 18 years of age, baseball, although strict restrictions on college players, but also allows players to graduate from high school, before graduating from college to participate in the draft. The NFL players subject to the full three years of the rules of the restrictions, to participate in the draft at least close to the age of 21, from the physical, the age of course, than the age of 18, more than a year to adapt to the rhythm of the professional game of the game, of course, more than 21 years of age.

In addition, the number of players required by the NFL is much larger than the other three major leagues, secret service and not count, at least the offensive and defensive team together, there are 22 main positions. NBA team can want to do in the basketball court in 5 positions have the absolute main players. But it is difficult for the football team to have 22 clear positions. Since the team itself is easy to have a team of loopholes in the draft will naturally be targeted, I hope the players can fill the position of the existence of the problem.

The third reason is that NFL has the North America’s top four most stringent wage cap. MLB only the luxury tax no salary cap, NBA allows the team in the renewal of the players beyond the salary cap (Bird terms), NHL salary cap is the same with NFL strictly, but due to a large list of ice hockey required fewer, so cheap nfl jerseys affected by the salary cap is small. NFL needs a lot more players than any other league, so it has the biggest impact on its hard hat. The contract is the basic framework of rookie delineation, as long as the team is not cut, it is four year contract for fifth years, first round rookie team option, in addition to the wage before the fifth overall rookie also need to discuss, also basically fixed. Therefore, the salary cap has great influence on the NFL team, if we can allow players to play at the high level in the rookie contract period, the province team paid a large sum of salary space can be used elsewhere, and then build a top team. Therefore, for the NFL team, no matter what the level of the players in the future, at least let it as much as possible to contribute to the team in the rookie contract period. In other words, the other three major league players in the draft is more to see the potential, and NFL’s team in the draft, will be more emphasis on players at that time already have the ability”.

Therefore, the combination of these three reasons (a little older, the main position, rookie contract cheap), NFL rookie can play in the team, several other Major League Rookie can not play a role. The direct result of this phenomenon is that, in NFL, draft is the most important bargaining chip, no team is willing to give up easily. Take the recent example, Brown Cleveland team to Houston Dezhou next year for a second round pick, agreed to eat Brock Oswald vhailor new season $16 million insurance contract, and this transaction is considered to be a win-win. A similar example is Malcolm – the star of the past two seasons, the corner guard, is now a restricted free agent in the last seasons. Because it will mean that he signed the first round draft to his old club, the new wholesale nfl jerseys England patriots, so far there is no team interested in Butler. The only thing he has to communicate with the New Orleans saints also made it clear that will not send the first round. From these two examples is enough to see, draft sign in NFL play a very important role.

Although the draft is so important, each team will spend a lot of time and effort on this matter to investigate, research, discussion, to choose a good player is not easy. The quarterback is the most important position, it is difficult to choose the best players. The main reason is that the overall strength of the defense college game is far less than the NFL defense, and the University of offensive tactical system and NFL are very different, so from the university performance, can not draw accurate conclusions. Elsewhere, the scouts are relatively accurate, but there are exceptions. The Seattle Seahawks when Megatron domestic defense line two “detonation corps”, four people in two was selected in the fifth round, one is from the Canadian League signed, only Earl Thomas was the first round of the show, it is the most obvious example.

After all, the success of the players need many factors at the same time. NFL scouts in the selection of rookie, can draw a clear conclusion, I am afraid that only the physical quality of players. But the player’s mental quality, professional quality, tactical understanding, are relatively unpredictable factors (intangibles). Even if these capabilities are available, after being selected, the success of the players is also inseparable from the team coach targeted training. Tom Brady is a former 6 round pick, to become the first player in history today, in addition to his own personality is almost perfect, also cannot do without training Bill coach Bailey led the chick. The two of them left the other side may also be able to succeed, but can stand on the top of the history as now, only they can do together. On the contrary, as strong as the “walking” Johnny Manzil in the University.

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