NFL star to denounce the United Chinese nfl jerseys aircraft towing violence

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Well known rugby, former San Francisco quarterback nfl jerseys quarterback Capet – 49, forwarded his own charity set up news.

Capet Nick denounce

Derek, the star of the Oakland Raiders, said that the company might have forgotten what it means to be “” (United), and that the dictionary was used to explain the word.
Carle denounced the United

And the most brilliant speech from the Cleveland Brown star attack cut front, future Hall of Famer Joe – Thomas. After learning of this, Thomas bursts of several tweets, directed at airlines. First, he said, “United Airlines investors, your legal team will introduce you to the new major shareholder.” In the future, the passenger will sue the company, and the company will lose no doubt.

Thomas denounced the United
After Thomas has forwarded several others released video of the incident, in which he first said the number of members of another airline rose three times in the past two hours; after the irony of the violence of security; also forwarded the United Center official statement, they think this time “re-accommodate (flight) the word is simply ridiculous.

The star – Oscar – Clive Bohm, defender, Edmonton oilers

Clive Bohm in Game 4 of last week’s 7 assists, scoring and assists to lead the league, he also helped the oilers scored 3 victory clinched the Pacific Division second. In April 4th the team lost to Losangeles 4:6 King team he sent 1 assists; then beat the San Jose Sharks game he sent 4 assists occupation career high in April 6th the team 4:2, which is since December 31, 2005 the legend Chris – another brother Pulang, someone can send back in one game 4 assists; in April 8th the team beat Vancouver 3:2 in April 9th and added 5:2 to win with the team in the game, he had 1 assists. The 23 year old Clive, who scored the first goal in the last 82 games of the season, sent out a total of 26 assists and scored a total of 38 points, creating a new career high.

Thomas continues to denounce

As a conclusion, he made a fierce impact before he Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James orr – in nfl game jerseys pictures, said of United Airlines, if they call this “flight”, he hit in Creole action also called flight.
Thomas ridicule change flights.

This sentence immediately got everyone’s approval, former teammate wide receiver Andrew Howkins immediately replied, “the truth, I have been Josh Norman ‘@ change flight’ once.” The attached video is in the game after the ball was in Ho Jenkins, Norman was hit with a helmet helmet.

Finally, Thomas launched a vote, only two options: would you rather be 1) united “flight”, or 2) Dwayne Johnson was jerseys china knocked down in the ground. The answer is surprisingly one-sided, nearly twenty thousand votes, more than 8 people would rather be Dwayne Johnson.

Change the flight by Dwayne Johnson vs.

From the reaction of the players, we can see that this event is so shocking. At present, the security personnel involved have been suspended, but United’s official statement is still under investigation. I hope united to end the investigation as soon as possible, to apologize to the public, rather than focus on paying for the major platform and forum posts.

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