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Sports News – local time on cheap jerseys wholesale Sunday, a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louis on the flight, there was a police officer violent drag and drop passengers. The matter today in the United States on the rapid fermentation of social networks, several NFL players also expressed dissatisfaction.

At that time, because the aircraft over ticket, four crew members no position. The staff to the passengers asked whether people are willing to give up the flight ticket, and said it would for compensation, but no passengers are willing to take the initiative to give up, so the staff with the computer randomly selected four passengers disembarked. Among them, a middle-aged Chinese male passenger refused to work because of the machine, several airport security will be forced to pull it from the seat to the corridor, and with the upcoming passenger pulled out of the cabin.

The Samsung – – anyp Braden center, Tampa Bay Lightning.

Boit scored in 4 games last week in the 4 ball, sent 2 assists, a total of 6 points second in the league, finally he helped lightning team in the 4 match of the season scored 3 victories in April 4th, the team lost to Boston 0:4 Bruins he failed to score; then in April 6th the team beat 4:1 the Toronto Maple Leafs games he scored 2 goals, but also his occupation second career single game scoring 2 goals 1 assists in April 7th; his team 4:2 defeat the Montreal Canadiens games; finally in April 9th the team 4:2 defeat the Buffalo Sabres team match, he scored 2 goals and 1 assists from the first occupation career. In a single game by 3 points, and scored the winning goal in the final. The 21 year old anyp this season in 68 appearances and scored 18 goals from 22 assists, a total of 40 points, ranked eighth in the all rookie.

2016-17 NHL regular season three awards announced:
Edmonton oil man center Connor – Dafydd career for the first time to win the art – the wholesale jerseys Ross prize (league scoring king) ();
The Penguins of Pittsburgh center Crosby second career Maurice won the Richard prize (league goalscorer);
People in the capital Washington Brandon William Jennings won his first huoertebi Award (played 25 games above goals conceded the goalkeeper).

Regular season three awards announced that the meat was awarded the score of 20 year old king

Mike Dafydd’s 82 game season attendance, get a full 100 points (including 70 assists), beat Diego Crosby and Black Hawk right winger Patrick Kaine, first elected in career scoring. In the 82 game, there are at least 59 Mike Dafydd (72% games) to get more than a minute, and with a wave of 14 consecutive scoring Houston ended the season, this is the NHL season long scoring record, but also the oilers history since the 1987-88 season of the longest record. In addition, Mike has 30 games this season, scoring more than 1 points, the league’s first, including the November 20th last year against Dallas at the age of 20 years of age and the first time to give a hat trick for the age of 86 days. Mike Dafydd is the history of the NHL scoring King third young players, only Crosby (19 years and jerseys china 244 days, 2006-2007 season) and Gretzky (20 years and 69 days, 1980-81 season). At the same time, he is also the history of the oil man’s second scoring king, Gerets Ki 80-81 to the 86-87 season, scored the first of the seven scoring queen.

There were a number of passengers on the plane will be recorded in the process of this event, from the video can be seen, the law enforcement of security is very violent, the passengers in the process of dragging, you can see the mouth bleeding. After the spread to the network, it quickly became a hot news. Internet users across the United States are in their own way of expressing anger, is in the offseason NFL players are no exception.

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