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That is because see Pan Yuliang, Michele Lee starred in the “soul”, the beauty from china of wood Lee as usual, as usual, the beauty of the rock. Prior to cheap nike nhl authentic jerseys painter this, played Pan Yuliang and Gong Li, but also a rare big beauty. So the formation of the initial impression of Pan Yuliang: a very beautiful but ill fated female painter.

Then I saw a portrait of Pan Yuliang, taken aback, paintings of Pan Yuliang stout, features extensive, didn’t look beautiful, IMHO: not only the United States, there are ugly. I thought it was my aesthetic out of the question, out of curiosity to look up some information, the results show that a lot of people have seen Pan Yuliang I cheap nike nhl jerseys said she was not good-looking. According to people familiar with her, Pan Yuliang was a stout, with a snub nose and lips are thick ugly people.

The real Pan Yuliang than the television drama the stunning Pan Yuliang more shocking, who can’t deny, appearance is a woman born pass, not good-looking people, life is always a relatively difficult point. This adds to my curiosity about Pan Yuliang, a beautiful woman, what is the power of what is completed from prostitutes to concubines cheap nike nhl jerseys to three hop artists?

Pan Yuliang’s life, written out is a ready-made film script, no wonder the directors so love to shoot her story.

She was surnamed Chen, orphaned at an early age, had to follow uncle life. My uncle had lost the bet, so she cheap nike nhl jerseys sold it to a 13 year old in Wuhu, Anhui. Helpless into the dust, this is not her fault, but he was the person as cherish evil thoughts against her reason.

Not due to long overhangs, she is doing for girl in the brothel, the stem is thick and tired of living. The madam also forced her to pick up, she will not from, again and again escaped from the brothel, again caught back beaten, she also tried to dive, the middle hanging, because look too strict and attempted.

At the age of 17, she cornered singing, singing in the brothel by a person as if weeping and complaining,cheap nike nhl jerseys attention, that is the salt pan Zanhua Du Wuhu. Pan Zanhua Yang had to stay at Waseda University in Japan, a new character, he was impressed by the cheap super bowl jerseys poor sight and strong woman, she decided to ransom.

Even now the vision to consider, pan Zanhua is a broad-minded and righteous man. From ancient times, save the outstanding figures and a lot of dust, but saved are uniform beauty, only pan Zanhua hand, is a little long nor beautiful girl, and the girl was pretty big. Pan Yuliang will become a beautiful beauty, will undoubtedly weaken the pan Zanhua personality.

Pan Liang Zanhua help jade is mainly out of sympathy, a tiny bit selfish act, No. He wanted to return to her cheap nike nhl jerseys relatives, but she took the initiative to stay in his side, even if it is a close fitting little girl.

In his mind, nature will not let her do a little girl, and she received a concubine room. He is very precious to her, although the concubines, also do a formal wedding ceremony, wedding is the famous Chen Duxiu and his friends with complete mutual understanding.

Before marrying her, he did not move to want her to return the idea; after marrying her, he is all in all. He cheap nike nhl jerseys taught her how to read, and also invited the teacher to teach her to paint. He told her not to look down on a tiny bit, knew she had too much bitterness, so much pity her.

It is because of this Enyi, Pan Yuliang always pan Zanhua gratitude unceasingly, she decided to change her surname as “pan”, before his name as his surname, because he not only gave her marriage, gave her more chance. One did not read any books, ten years old to start learning to draw people, actually in the teacher’s training to show a striking painting talent.

If in accordance with the development of the old novels, Pan Yuliang should marry pan Zanhua mild mannered, fuchangfusui cheap nike nhl jerseys. But she just don’t want to be a gentle concubine, she wants to paint! Not by painting a few strokes in the house, but ran out everywhere to study painting, was admitted to the Shanghai art college, then simply yuanduzhongyang went to Paris.

Painting is just, Lu Xiaoman also painted, pan Su also painting, and even Song Meiling have to draw a few paintings it. They draw, just as the spirit means of painting are elegant flowers landscape. Pan Yuliang, don’t have a painting on the painting of the human body, but also a naked woman, which at the time, Gansu is against the world.

At that time Pan Yuliang painted by the government, people are not allowed to draw naked, she took to the bathroom cheap nike nhl jerseys secretly painting, once was almost a big fat woman playing out. Back at home, she looked into the mirror, and suddenly thought: “I am not a very good model?” Thinking of this, she took off her clothes and began to draw herself in the mirror.

In addition to the body painting, she also not to stick at trifles in word and deed. Time and the students go cheap nike nhl jerseys out sketching, Pan Yuliang to the pagoda wall circle of pee, when the group of male students came, Pan Yuliang students shouted out quickly. Pan Yuliang squatting inside said: “who’s afraid of them! Did they get me to pee?”

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