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St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis celebrates sacking Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moorewith during the third quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis celebrates sacking Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moorewith during the third quarter of an NFL football game Sunday


James – Laurie Natisi made the decision to wholesale nfl jerseys retire today, the veteran danger ended his eight years of occupation career, on the season plagued by injuries he lost the passion for football. He expressed the situation on his twitter, and he was like a lot of people, thanks to a lot of people, especially his old team.

James Laurie Natisi is outstanding graduates of the State University of Ohio in 2009, Laurie Na Tis was the rams in the second round of the 35 pick, before the seven season Laurie Na Tis a total of eight years of occupation career in playing for the rams, he was from the first rams of the vast first, as the main line of Wei RAM as well as the core defense group, once as captain, he propped up in a ram iron defense, Laurie Na Tis maintain attendance in the seven season of rams, completed a total of 852 tackles and 16.5 sacks, single season tackle total never less than 109 times, he had kept the rams history grapple record with 852 escapement, legend of cheap nfl jerseys the rams in team history.

The game is the first round of the playoffs is very close to a confrontation, the two sides in the regular season in the four game in their respective home win, we can see the strength of the two sides. Captain Penguin g number one in four games only 1 goals and 2 assists, and Columbo in the two games he did not score, largely because of his rival Brandon Dubinsky for his full escort, most of the appearance of rotation are the face of Crosby, not only greatly limits the number of grams of play, and scored 3 goals in four games out of 3 assists, which also includes the February 18th game in overtime lore, was completely overshadowed the grams of diego. Therefore, although the array of many stars, but the two men will be the biggest confrontation.

But the two group center and husband – Malkin’s injury will lead to the penguins into a powerful vitality, he this season in 62 appearances and scored 33 goals from 39 assists, averaging 1.16, second only to Mike Dafydd and Crosby, he will bring more choices to the penguins attack.

But the last time the blue led to the poor state coach Toth wholesale nfl jerseys china Leila made significant adjustments to the lineup, although the score is too scattered to each line that the team average strength, but also means that once fell into predicament, not many people can stand up.

The defensive line of the battle, the lack of defender Le Tang penguins team was at a disadvantage, was pinned by Justin Schultz at the end of the season in the process of performance is not ideal, the blue team, their super star Zach – Wei Lenski is likely to do in the playoffs before the comeback, and Seth Jones – a very strong defender of a group, they will bring to the offensive group penguins great threat.

The veteran, who was cut off by the rams in 2016, then joined the New Orleans saints, who is believed to be able to effectively complement the saints defense team, but he missed 11 games due to injury.

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