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sports news season 2016 NFL jerseys on sale has gradually gone. Looking back on this year, the shock of the super bowl is no doubt the end of this season in a high light way. But for the whole season, the sudden rise of the Dallas Cowboys could be even more surprising. This has also been reflected in the Jersey sales, in the 2016 season has just announced the Jersey sales, there are 4 Cowboys occupy the top ten players.

According to the Sports Business Daily data released by the Cowboys rookie running back Elliot aize Kiel Jersey sales ranked second. This is not what news, since April of last year to No. 4 show joined the cowboys, Elliot got the enthusiasm of the fans support, so that before the start of the season, a game played Elliot became the pre-season Jersey sales champion. Finally Elliot did not live up to the expectations of the fans, the 2016 season played MVP level performance, 322 times the ball 1631 yards out 15 touchdowns to punch the ball Mawang, the Cowboys also hit 13 wins and 3 losses record.

However, before the season sales champion Elliot failed to keep the first throne until the end of the season. So who is the ultimate sales champion, not others, is played MVP after four games lifted back, led by the new England patriots in three years and won second Super Bowl champion veteran quarterback Tom Brady.

From the official NFL store sales chart in the states chaep jerseys on sale given can see how popular brady. There are three NFL teams in Florida (including Miami, the patriot’s sworn enemy), but the state has sold most of the Jersey was brady. Similarly, in the Midwest, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, the three add up to four teams, the Detroit lions also scored the playoffs, but the state of the three fans to buy the most is Brady’s shirt. Leading the Patriots perennial hit “universe” like performance, Brady was supposed to be the one of the recruit hate star, but from Jersey sales point of view, the country fans are by the attitude of his wonderful performance.

The third is another rookie of the cowboys, Prescott. Elliot just played out what people expected him to do. And Prescott was completely unexpected. Toni Romo after the preseason did not fall, people also believe that the cowboys to win the NL East title, not to mention the country’s top seed association. The Cowboys can do this, the biggest reason is from the Prescott MVP level play, he also won the rookie of the year award for the best offensive rookie. But the cowboys were led by him and Elliot, just like the MVP award, the two of them because of the dispersion of sales, so they have not won the sales champion. But there is no doubt that Prescott has been a lot of recognition.

In addition to Elliot and Prescott the two rookie, two veteran cowboy, Bryant Mendez wide receiver and tight end Jason Witten sales ranked ninth and tenth respectively. The role of the position limit, the two players in the team is not as important as in front of the two rookie, but also for the success of the Cowboys made distinctions won in battle. The two of them were selected in the top ten, but also reflects the preference of neutral fans for the Dallas cowboys.

In addition, the two rivals cowboys, the nfl jerseys New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, and Philadelphia hawks rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, Jersey sales is also very impressive, ranking fourth and sixth respectively. Odell two years ago with the stunning ball of fame, is now the league’s top receivers, his sales ranking in reason. But as the show Bangyan Wentz, led the Hawks also played a good performance, although a little cop-out, the team did not make the playoffs, Wentz performance is given in four major league teams have poor Philadelphia fans cheer.

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