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The Washington Redskins off-season nfl jerseys wholesale signings have good chemistry, the new Washington Redskins took over Terrell Pryor for the first time with quarterback Kirk cousins

Training on the pitch, not only that, Pryor spent two hours talking to Kirk – and to a lot.

They talked about the various sides of things, Pryor said last season he was in Cleveland how to think, two people talk about last season, the situation is the two

How similar, and Cousins also to the new personality taught a lot of experience in this team. For Kirk – cousins the quarterback, Trevor – comple

I admire and respect you very much.

He began to teach me a lot of gesture signal, which makes me a lot of benefit, I will teach my things to write down Cousins, try to avoid mistakes.” Pryor


The third section bears staged Jedi, rookie Watt Lano in fifth minutes for the team, he played in the distance in front of a brilliant wrist shot ripped through Senator goalkeeper Anderson to ten, which is the Bruins continuously for 25 minutes in the first shot is. The last moment, the Bruins head Marchand staged Savior’s teenager Pasternack sent pass, Geelong’s primary goal was the senator back bravely blocked, rebound on the other side but Marchand’s rod, he mianduikongmen easily scored the ball for the team to complete the 2:1 reverse.

This game is the first focus of the war, the accident occurred before the opening of the penguins, had minor injuries goalkeeper Murray was injured in the warm-up ahead of the end game preparation, goalkeeper Folleri to replace the first play. This is nfl jerseys online the 101st time he represented the penguins for the playoffs, tying senior Barrasso record, tied up for the history of the largest penguins playoff game against the goalkeeper, the blue team shot 32 times, he made 31 saves, the team become the number one hero.

The first quarter, affected by injuries of the penguins did not open up the situation, but the road is the blue team completely occupied the field of active, single shot by 16:3 is overwhelmingly positive, but Folleri took over the game, helping the team with a draw into the second day.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the game completely into the penguins’ rhythm of the game, the back of the two group center Malkin rust and Cassell opened the lead partner for the team, starting only 1 minutes, Malkin in the blue line instigated offensive his oblique cross found Cassell, the latter is wonderful right foot skates to knock the ball directly. The last, he shot shot to break the deadlock. 3 minutes later, the use of more than a dozen minutes to play a chance to win the ball, but also Cassell catch the ball in the left side of the wonderful wrist shot, the ball straight into the far corner of the network will rewrite the score to 2:0. Sixteenth minutes, consistently calm in the face of Bob Lovskey’s mistakes, he shot Horn Quist three Penguin Group although make saves, but rebounded directly to follow up the three group center Beniqno, who easily volley in front of the door will expand the score

After Pryor was signed by the red, Pryor said that the reason why he is the most exciting, because the team has never been such a good quarterback players, is nfl jerseys authentic now on the other hand, there is no such thing as the best player in the world, and now that the team has not been able to do so, it is the best way to make the most of the players in the world. The only way for the team to play the game is to make sure that

Pryor was even more excited after the first two practice.

Two people trained in Florida, Cousins is said to have passed more than 200 times in the past, Pryor probably missed only about 1 to 2 times, which is simply to save for the Pryor

Star, Pryor last year in a group of disaster quarterback Brown ‘s passing the ball still got 1007 yards of the 4 array of outstanding results, and now came to the body of the body of the body of – – Kirk

Side, presumably Pryor will be on the next floor.

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