Lynch struck a cheap jerseys china deal with the Raiders

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What interesting things cheap jerseys china happened in the NFL League today? Let’s have a look:
Finally. Sean – Lynch is going back to NFL. This time Lynch he won’t wear the Seattle Seahawks Jersey, he and the Oakland Raiders to reach an agreement, we will see the horse Sean Lynch wearing a black shirt like in the future. This is not like before the news is all media speculated that, always don’t love to talk, do not love his horse Sean Lynch had his twitter to talk openly about their own problems with the Raiders, as his usual style, he expressed some weird things cool the sentence, Lynch reached a new contract with the Raiders before, there are still a lot of work needs to be addressed.

“If you understand me, then you know about me is my thing, but if you don’t know me, that this is a very interesting fact, but when we talk about good business, I will let you know.” Ma Sean Lynch put a rare thing to say is so simple, he proved that he and the Raiders negotiations are very good, and this week, Lynch also said the Oakland Raiders will be his first and only choice.

According to sources, Sean – the 30 year old veteran is close to a new deal with the Oakland raiders. Of course, in the new team, the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks must be completed on the horse Sean Lynch deal. Because after Lynch comeback, he will continue with the original contract with the Seattle Seahawks, but the Seahawks didn’t want Lynch to occupy the money, because Lynch was back, the Seahawks will provide up to $9 million in wages for Lynch, so this is also the Seahawks must choose the Oakland Raiders and the reasons for the transaction. After the Raiders and Lynch reached a contract agreement, the Seahawks can be traded Lynch to the Raiders, and then by the Raiders reorganization of Lynch’s contract, but the Seahawks also can get some beneficial things from the Raiders, the Seahawks would not choose to cut Lynch’s thoughts. Of course, now such a situation, and the Seattle Seahawks Raiders has been trading in the midst of the.

The Canadians, in the first field is shutout, they also finally opened the wholesale jerseys china situation, but their efficiency in the offense is still not satisfactory, if not two group of center Poole Cunich in the last 17 seconds of normal time an inspired passage, Canada will most likely out early on the road. At present, the team’s offensive firepower is still insufficient, three groups of players have not scored, but they are in the second field in the attack leading rate accounted for an overwhelming advantage, if we can maintain this state, will be a big threat for the Rangers. In addition, the two groups of the right wing of the mall to contribute more than 9 times, he injected the offensive end of the energy should not be underestimated.

Backcourt, the two teams of players in the last game turnovers, New York captain Macdonald had to play 33 minutes to make up for the weakness of the rest of the players. The Canadians also anxiously waiting Emily’s injury report, as he played Ralph Nestor led directly to the team the first goal, playing only 13 minutes of playing time, if not Webb and this was due to punished for fighting for 5 minutes, his playing time is likely to be further compressed.

The goalkeeper position, although the play has lost 7 balls, but the goalkeeper is still good, if not back were cheating, two people should be able to make more beautiful data, two duel is more fascinating.

Dezhou executive champion fifth years options
Houston Dezhou’s star defensive end Jed viand – clowney rookie contract will continue last season, Jed viand show champion – clowney really should be, he led no JJ- Watt Dezhou defence group, and help the team to successfully enter the American League semi-final between Jed viand Crowe you good Houston, Dezhou people choose the date of execution of contract in fifth year option.

In the recovery after you crow proved their level last season was the best season of his career in cheap nike jerseys the regular season, he played 14 games, making 55 tackles and 6 sacks, he successfully selected all star last season and was named the second team in the playoffs, he finished 3 tackles and steals. Dezhou people have been playing with Klauni next season and will continue to prove his strength next season to gain more advantages for the future contract with the.

Because Klauni is the 2014 draft, so his fifth year contract option can still get a high salary, so even if there is no re signed a contract, but the fifth year contract option is enough to make Klauni happy, to the people of Dezhou’s funding is not much affected, next season the three best defensive player Watt JJ- will return to the defensive players Mose Ruth excellent condition, plus the champion Klauni, the people of Dezhou have the best defense in the league is still.

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