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The Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys the situation more awkward, because of their poor record, the Jaguar itself is not by the fans to see, and now the Jaguar players also appeared in different contradictions, the team began to bully them vulnerable to lead players, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive generals striker Brandon Albert to stop training to management try to put pressure on the requirements of a new contract.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will begin the offseason training plan, and Brandon Albert for his existing contract is not happy, he demanded a higher salary to Jaguar, before the 2014 5 year contract for $47 million with him to sign a dolphin, and in 2017 he was traded to the Jaguars 2017 season, Albert can get about 9 million dollars, but he is not satisfied. So he did not participate in the team’s first team meeting.

Fighting for his son Macarthur scored two years away

Yesterday in the first round of the playoffs second games against Eastern Senator Brown bear before the match, the reporter met such a boy in the elevator: in May of this year will be two years old he stood in the corner of the elevator, leaning against the wall, covered with wore jersey number senator. He admitted that his father was a member of the Senate, when asked whether his father will score the day of the game, he did not hesitate to say, “Yes”.
Obviously, in a sense, he has been a goal of his father as a belief. But his father, Senator Clark Macarthur, has not scored since April 10, 2015 because of a 4 concussion in the next 18 months. For two years, younger than Gus.
But he did it. The second section 10 minutes and 57 seconds, he faced the Bruins goalkeeper Lascaux swipe success, helping the team to tie the score. He lifted his hands to celebrate, the whole home fans also followed him shouting together.

Of course, including his son. Little Gus’s words came true. For Macarthur himself, for his teammates and coaches, for each individual field, which is incomparable moment – although a moment he laments: “little Gus was two years old, he will not remember.”

But in any case, for the once retired Macarthur, this will be the most meaningful moment in his career: return to his beloved ice, with honor to play. And in the little Gus’s mind, there will be a starry night, his father left the silhouette. Years later, there are still indelible memories.

The 32 year old Albert, he just wants more money, he has been a dolphin nfl jerseys wholesale players, he was selected for the all star in the 2013 and 2015 season, but because of injuries, Albert basically no healthy attendance in recent years season, so raise questions about the age of the players is more difficult, this can only say that Albert is very unhappy for the Jaguars only minnows, he doesn’t want to stay here.

Backcourt, blue Wei teenager Lenski played the game was hit in the face was injured, the latest news that he will miss the playoffs, it will cause a fatal blow to the blue team. Penguins, the team still use an average of six defenders, but first Schultz played poorly, the presence of the offensive team leading ranked in the bottom first, need to alert the penguins.

Goalkeeper position, the two sides in the game have found a way to crack the opponent goalkeeper, who will bite the game will become the key.

The two consecutive games have suffered the opponent’s closure so that the sharks are very embarrassed, the main center of the United States to return to the team in the first quarter to take advantage of the team, but then the game once again into the rhythm of the oil man.

On the offensive end, sharks in the game after the goal has been adjusted to the lineup, returned to a group of partner Pavel J Ki Hertel and Thornton, while Ctzul and Marlow play partner Mel two group of good, the game will continue this shark configuration, while on the bench of Bodega and Lebank may get the chance. The oilers, playing the game before the sharks coach Mike Leo Len in the second quarter down decisively Dreiser do to three group, young Sly Pisheh J partner Mike Dafydd will increase achieved a certain effect, but if not sharks defensive mistakes, oil is also very difficult to find ways to deal with.

Defence sharks although Burns received 26 minutes of playing time, but his performance is quite satisfactory, but the oilers also let Clive Bohm played more than 24 minutes, the two top guard team showdown is becoming more stalemate.
The goalkeeper position, two regular season workers still play off, tal Bert scored two consecutive games shutout, while Jones was opened, the two games lost only one ball.

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