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Because the fifty-first NFL Super Bowl jerseys online champion, the new England patriots today before the White House to meet with President Donald Trump, after which Trump took the first North American sports league championship team to the White House, but even so, the Patriots did not give the President too much face, only 34 players of the patriots are willing to go to the White House, is only half of the players came to the White House, as the embarrassing thing is that even Trump’s friend Tom Brady for things to weasel out of the White House tour. Trump is not only the Patriots fans, he also repeatedly said publicly that his relationship with Brady, more than once published about Brady’s remarks, although the relationship between the two is very good, but it was Brady Jean Trump Atilio.

Why not see Trump Brady but instead is not without reason, Brady, published an article to express their thoughts and not to the white house.

“I am happy for my team to meet the president at the White House, we are proud of what we have done and our team has a special mission. Thank you, Mr. President. I will remember you for our champions. I’m sorry, but I can’t take part in this special event. I hope we can continue to win in the future, so that we can come to the white house.”

Because Trump is the president of the United States, now it is very difficult to see the friends of Brady, so this is a rare opportunity to meet two people. The Brady family trip to the White House to shirk this may be because of health reasons, Brady’s mother, because of illness condition of an unknown bad, his mother last season only to a site to watch Brady play. Although Brady did not say what, probably because of his home with her mother, so he did not choose to go to the White House to meet with Trump.

President Brady absent friends

But there is a saying because Tom Brady’s wife Giselle – Trump did not let Brady Bundchen aversion to the White House, so not to respect his wife Brady meets with Trump. Because of Trump’s rejection of the Gentiles philosophy, Giselle ndchen from the start, the love of friends Brady, but when Trump was elected, Brady Bundchen less restrictive, so even if Brady and Trump repeatedly in the public conversation, or with the slogan “let us again the great Trump” hat, Bangchen are not too much opposition, until Trump began his presidential campaign, he intends to let Brady and Trump Bundchen distance, good man Brady is naturally very respect to his wife. It is said that although Trump Brady in the new England territory, but he did not vote for Trump and ndchen.

In this game, the sharks team has been adjusted, Marlowe Thornton – Pavel J Ki three new and old captain arranged a team consisting of a group of oil, the absence of the two continuous training Dreiser do still sits in the three groups. After just 15 seconds, a new group of sharks for the team to break the deadlock, Captain Pavel J Ki in the frontcourt partner for success, back to the blue line in the vicinity of Marlowe’s defender Braun, who has shot shot, Pavel J Ki midway relay will ball into the oil man gate, ending two consecutive Games opponents shutout shame. Break the demons of sharks darling, shot positive leading to 9:1, people can only rely on oil Mike Dafydd’s speed to launch a counterattack.

Eleventh minutes by playing less chance for sharks to gain another victory, directly hit the cheap jerseys online door two group center Ctzul received a pass from Pavel J Ki after the oil goalkeeper lost focus in the shifting process, causing him to completely failed to respond to this shot, 2:0. After the second half of fuel-efficient people to use less to build the initiative, eighteenth bonus guard Larson long-range hit the post, the shark escaped a robbery.

Family pressure to make this trip Brady had to withdraw from the White House, but I believe should be Donald – Trump Brady to explain this problem. Brady has two consecutive win did not go to the White House to meet the president. In 2015 the Patriots scored 49 Super Bowls, Brady was still not meeting with the president of the United States Obama, and this time he did not meet with Trump, do not know Trump will understand the idea of brady. However, Trump’s other two friends or to the party, coach Bill Biliqieke and patriots owner Robert Kraft on the White House Tour is satisfactory. Trump also praised the great contribution of Kaf and Biliqieke, he believes that Kaf has established a winning culture, also praised Biliqieke career on the cultural patriots win. Trump also praised the names of every new England patriots, although half of the Patriots were not present.

“The team’s hard work, dedication and commitment to make the team united as the ultimate goal, only a small number of people to achieve this goal, they won the five time.” Trump said the patriot’s success is “legendary”, he also cited Bill in the general election for the Biliqieke letters written in a very classic sentence “No Day Off” to describe the Patriot Dynasty will continue.

Trump did not praise the outstanding Brady, because Brady is not present. I hope that after two people in private conversation can talk, talk about the heart.

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