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I have a company of friends, some time ago to meet a wonderful I wholesale super bowl jerseys things alone business of the company for seven or eight years, was a cousin at home, Ruanmoyingpao wants to stake his company. He is worried.I said, this is a good thing ah, throw money to you is not happy ah?He said, what money, I told him that I was now succeeded from china operating normally, not money, he must join, said all the relatives know I now open the company to earn a lot of money, I now mix so well with them also earn money should make a fortune, what is the logic?!

I am busy ask, know this, old friend was originally founded when the company was quite difficult, encountered wholesale super bowl jerseys a difficult real estate projects, to the school building professional help cousin, cousin to guide him, but is also provided some advice only, want him to help a friend, “I have been recently very busy busy” rejected.

Friends endure a few overnight to catch up with the project, tired day and night upside down, this is the project to protect the down, after more and more projects, the company’s business is also gradually on the right track. I once interviewed him for a job, he knew this seven or eight nfl jerseys from china years of hard work is not easy, Qizaotanhei wholesale super bowl jerseys MOPA roll, 30s, the white hair half. Now money, but was “I helped you and your company so now you have to take care of me a such a wonderful reason to share the fruits of their labor, also promised not to be accused of he is selfish, so mixed success is not a time to help relatives, seven elder sister-in-law eight Kou her defections. He did not dare to get the new year back home.

There is a friend, not long after graduating from married, he wanted to buy a house, but wholesale super bowl jerseys the hand is not so well-off, almost money Shoufu, then borrow money from relatives, relatives have lent him twenty thousand yuan, less than a year. He also said that his second suites to decoration. Also let friends pay interest a year to him, to make him look like the bank. Friends at that time is still relatively tight, only to sell their car, the money is still the.

Later friends were promoted, Every dog has his day, income increase, investment to open a restaurant, business is very good, two years ago when prices did not rise up to buy a villa in Shenzhen. This time, he became famous in his hometown, high position, high income, when the boss, live in villas, sung with three words like. Not long received who lend money to his relatives of the phone, said his son to go to work in Shenzhen, but Shenzhen’s housing prices are too high now, so let him into a room cheap nfl jerseys for my son, I have lived there, because he had to lend money to friends to buy a house, so friends house, relatives a.

Friends were surprised by this wonderful reason, good for a nike nfl jerseys long time to react, and wholesale super bowl jerseys then said: it is not possible.

Relatives are anxious:

How can you be so devoid of gratitude!

You bought a house, but I borrowed your money cheap nike nhl authentic jerseys!

You now have to buy a villa so many rooms just one to my son can not do it!

Friends calm to say: Yes, No. First of all, I have the right to decide all of my house holders. Secondly, I was to borrow money from you, and not to invest in real estate with you. Third, I borrowed the money I paid second years, but also paid the interest, so now I do not owe you.

Later, the family began to spread this thing, of course, he became a mixed success but wholesale super bowl jerseys did not know and loved ones to share, is a person baoqingguayi. Friend Staveley, very frankly: I this is all I earn, I don’t think I need to share with others.

I appreciate the friend behind the style, he is very aware of their principles, to share the success is not used and people, cut the Gordian knot, well done.

I have a former colleague, is one of the most hardworking people in our company. Diligence wholesale super bowl jerseys to what extent? The first one, the latest one to go, give up weekends and holidays, day and night to do the project alone, the company give him with the keys. Efforts to what extent? The company has a performance evaluation index, everybody is the target of 200 thousand, a month later, others completed only ten, he was able to complete three hundred thousand.

Such a good employee, who he is. At the end of the year in recognition of the general assembly, he got a large sum of money, colleagues cried for him to send a red envelope, he refused. Years of promotion and assessment, he was promoted to the manager, and a group of colleagues called for his big feast, he refused.

In the course of time, he became the word of mouth stingy, too stingy to pull out wholesale super bowl jerseys a hair. I understand him very well. Once a year, the national day, the project team of colleagues travel, home to go home, do not want to stay to work overtime. He looked silently to return a ticket home to stay. Because at that time he bought a ticket is I use my account to help him grab, we are all Hubei, you can take the same bus. When he learned that the ticket I was very puzzled, he said with a faint smile, someone has to stay, and during the national day of the performance is doubled, such a good opportunity not to waste.

I listened to some sad, thought him so hard, there will be good returns. So, when he got promoted to his firm and unyielding character and high morale for bonuses, why did he want to share it? He could refuse!

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