Super Bowl 2017 nike nfl jerseys rams showdown staged again

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Eighth weeks
Focus: early Tuesday, 2017 nike nfl jerseys rams October 31st 8:30, Denver Mustang vs Kansas City Chiefs
The intensity of the competition in the United States west this year will probably increase. The two sides last season fighting are impressive, and this year could hit overtime last minute winner.

Ninth weeks
Focus: Monday, November 6th 2:00, Indianapolis Colts vs Houston, Dezhou
In the chicken pecked the southern United States, the outcome of the civil war is particularly important. Pony for two consecutive years because of the direct dialogue in the leeward and failed to reach the playoffs this year, then touch Dezhou, Andrew – will be even more desperate.

Tenth weeks
Focus: early Monday, November 13th 9:30, new England patriots vs Denver Mustang
It was the third year in a row that the Patriots came to a mile high. This year, if CJ- Anderson to maintain health, two years ago, the champion still has the strength to defend the championship.

Eleventh weeks
Focus: November 21st 9:30 on Tuesday morning, the Atlanta falcons vs Seattle Seahawks
The two sides last season in the regular season and the playoffs to fight each other, are in the home team to win in the end. In Seattle, the regular season because of a controversial decision impressive. I believe the two sides will still hit the final moment before the outcome.

Twelfth weeks
Focus: early Friday, November 24th 9:30, New York giant vs Washington Red
Thanksgiving Day has a special meaning. This year, although the cowboy is considered a popular eastern United States, but the two teams will not lag behind too much, so this game is particularly important for both sides.

Thirteenth weeks
Focus: December 5th Tuesday morning 9:30, Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati tigers
The tigers last season because Taylor aifeite and AJ- Green has injured and the lack of competitiveness,2017 nike nfl jerseys rams this year is expected to reshape the brilliant. The face in the regular season and playoffs have forged the Steelers’s hate, the game may decide whether the tigers into the playoffs.

Fourteenth weeks
Focus: December 11th Monday morning 9:30, Baltimore vs Pittsburgh Steelers crow
Just came back from Cincinnati, the Steelers soon usher in another enemy in the home court challenge crow. The game is likely to be the same as last season’s second round, decided to belong to the division champion.

Fifteenth weeks
Focus: early Monday December 18th 8:30, Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders
Prescott and Derek – last season have been MVP votes, the new season will be popular MVP. At the end of the season, the performance of the direct dialogue will directly affect the votes of the two.

Sixteenth weeks
Focus: December 25th 5:25 on Monday morning, the Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys

NFL did not arrange the night race on Christmas Eve, so the game is not worth the night race night race. In the face of the Seahawks rushed the ball as steady as Mount Tai, aize Kiel – Elliot will face huge challenges.
Seventeenth weeks (kick-off time may change, the most watched game is likely to be put into the night time period, that is, Beijing time as early as 9:30)

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