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Brown is willing to lose in Oslo vhailor

Brown is willing to lose in Oslo vhailor

Although the Cleveland team 49ers nike nfl jerseys coach Brown and their chairman Bullock think – Oswald Wheeler can have a space for one person in Brown, but to be honest, this is only the two old fox story. Because Cleveland Brown has figured out how to deal with Aus Ville, they always want to get the quarterback, even Brown are willing to lose money. They even got ready for $10 million.

According to reports, Brown Cleveland team intends to seek on Oswald Wheeler deal, they are willing to pay some money to the other team, vhailor trading. If Brown is going to help Oswald Wheeler to find homes, they will pay $16 million to pay the new season Oswald vhailor in $10 million, of course. Regardless of whether Brown is really willing to lose head pay for this $10 million, now only embarrassing situation is that even those who lack the quarterback of the team have not mentioned the name Oswald vhailor, Aus Ville still No one shows any interest in. This is very interesting, because Alves Le was traded to Brown, Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson expressed the hope that Oswald vhailor become the first team of such words, and the vice chairman of the executive team and a few days ago Brown – Brown also said the team to save so Oswald Villar’s speech.

The two sides of the game were not to adjust lineup, the first eighteenth minutes, the scene is very close, the Bruins have an excellent chance to score a group of left-wing Marchand was single, but Senator goalkeeper Anderson with very aggressive attack to resolve the danger.

In section second, Senator striker Payet because the trunk injured out of the race, caused no small impact to the team paibingbuzhen. Tenth minutes, the brown bear the opportunity to use more than a few times to break the door of the Senate, but the video playback shows brown bear offside, the goal is invalid, the score is still 0:0.

In section third, only 15 minutes before the two senators captain Carlson began to get angry, sixth minutes, make a 49ers nike nfl jerseys beautiful shot he received teammate Broussard in the blue line in the vicinity of the pass, find the weak side up Ryan, this beautiful ball bears team be caught off guard after the ball, Ryan Brown easily break through the defense, catch the ball before blocking all stabbed in the angle of goalkeeper Lasker seal, Senator 1:0 ahead.
After scoring the Senate team morale, eighth minutes, de Ginger’s single shot hit the brown bear. After the Bruins while trying to control the initiative on the field, but the senator’s defense is very tight, never let the Bruins have an excellent chance to score the final team to hold the 1:0 Our wills unite like a fortress., won two straight away to the senators in the series took the lead 3:1, distance promotion is just a step away.

Three games behind the wild team decisive evolutions, strengthen the team of three groups before configuration, the presence of fourth groups aimed at weakening the breakthrough, a group of center grand partner Coyle and veteran Sidor Lund, “Captain America” Palisai Swiss partner ned laidre and has just released the regular season best defensive forward candidate captain Koiv, veteran Hazel and Zook pominville with a team consisting of three groups. Open wild team took the absolute initiative, shoot positive to 11:4 ahead. Seventeenth minutes of wild team finally achieved a series lead for the first time, the blues goalkeeper Alan attack siege, but the ball landed in Coyle’s bar, he adjusted the ball directly hit the door, but also a decline Alan cannot make fighting, only watched the ball flying into the door, 1:0.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the blues team decisive evolutions, a group of veteran Steen to replace Baba Sheff young partner Schwartz and the team head Tara Tymoshenko, blues team of wild gate launched the offensive, wild front was jittery. After a half wild team hold its ground, they use sixteenth minutes back to gain another victory, the three group received the Korean defender Prosser Zell after passing in the distance was at Lengjian, Alan did not make it to save a sudden shot, 2:0.

The third section of the blues continue to attack more than, after sixth minutes defender Pareiko received a straight shot after the fight in the post, a wild escape. The third section of the middle of the wild team was back in a row, but Alan made an incredible fight to save the team to keep the equaliser. But on the opposite side of the wild performance goalkeeper Dube Nick game Blues team as solid as rocks, saved all 28 shots, helping the team to a 2:0 shutout victory in the first game with the blues, the series, to avoid the fate of being swept.

In summary, we can see that Brown no matter how they are sincere to the blandishments, Oswald Wheeler never,wholesale nfl jerseys at this point, Brown is very anxious, because the draft will open, Brown want to pick a quarterback as the cornerstone of the future, Brown seems to want to choose the University of North Carolina’s four Weichubisiji, but because no reason with vhailor Oswald the disk, they worried even willing to lose. Before the transaction and the people of Dezhou and the final results, Brown really only in exchange for a two round draft pick, but certainly not the future of Brown Oswald vhailor puzzle.

The second half of the third quarter, the flame to regain the initiative in court, they launched the offensive to the duckling gate, the flames hit 37 shots, but Gibson’s heroics, made 36 saves, with Gates Ralph finally into the empty gateball team to 3:1 win, the duckling series fourth games, with a total score 4:0 flame swept the team advance to the next round.

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