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Scoring summary:

Pass: excellent; anti run:cheap Bengals Storm Jerseys excellent; agile: good; spiritual attributes: good

Draft forecast: will not fall out of the top fifteen

4 Charles – (Charles Harris, University of Missouri)

Height 190 cm, weight of 115 kg

Introduction: the study of a number of frontline top talent, we look at an outside line of the type of Wei, and Harris can be called the first perimeter guard. He came into contact with football late, third years of high school began to play. In spite of his progress is very fast, three years of college attendance, one of the last two seasons started every game, there are 30.5 negative yardage holds 16 sacks 4 times to make out the ball, a large space for development.

Harris is a little lighter in weight than in the front, so he is considered to be the type of perimeter. Compared to the previous few people, he has a lack of strength, but the reaction is very fast, after the start of the service can be a pressure on the opponent, the explosive force is good, good skill on the hand. Weight really limits his strength, but also makes him more flexible. The skill and the flexibility of the body is the main way for him to get rid of his opponent. Agility good short distance, but not good at long range to catch opponents ball players. Nevertheless, his spiritual attributes are high, even if the game is lost when the suspense will go all out.
Scoring summary:
Impact: good; anti run: excellent; agile: good; spiritual attributes: good
Draft forecast: 15-25

5 Derek – (Derek Barnett, University of Tennessee)
Height 190 cm, weight of 117 kg
Introduction: finally, we look at a very high yield players, Barnett in the three year of the cheap Bengals Storm Jerseys main career, up to 52 times the number of negative number of grab and grab the 33. Although the figure is not high, the speed is not fast, but Barnett with diligence and skill for himself in the draft won a place.

The speed and size are general, Barnett outstanding ability in several other skills, one is his hand skill, an action is very flexible, good at using variable speed, and one is in melee he can force two times. These three points are enough to help him get rid of the defenders. Run, in case his eye, dare to collide, but is the need to improve the sense of balance. He’s also a defensive front and perimeter guard. Mental attributes are also good, good organizational discipline, leadership.

Scoring summary:
Pass: excellent; anti run: good; agile: good; spiritual attributes: good
Draft forecast: 15-25 CIS

This year’s draft is the most outstanding is the transfer of hand, we are introduced today is the leader in the outstanding. Apart from them, and Malik – Mike Dover (Malik McDowell, Michigan state), DeMarcus Walker (DeMarcus Walker, Florida State University – Charlton (Taco), taco Charlton, University of Michigan), Chris wormeley (Chris Wormley, TJ- Watt (University of Michigan) and T.J. Watt, University of Wisconsin, JJ- Watt’s brother) a rookie is expected to be selected in the first round and the second round of the top. NFL teams are expected to add a good supply of this position forever. Garrett and Thomas definitely top players in the new season’s performance is also worth looking forward to. Please pay attention.

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