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Malik Hooker

3、Malik – Hu (Malik Hooker, Ohio)

Height 185 cm, weight of 93 kg

Brief introduction: the lattimores team, the Bears Official Jerseys second Adams No. second safety. With the same price, he is only a year of the main force, but has shown a high talent. Also with the same amount of money, he also has some problems, in January this year just do hernia surgery and ligament surgery. But it still doesn’t change his ability to show up on the court.

Hu Kerr tactical literacy is not inferior to Adams, good at staring at the quarterback’s line of sight, and take advantage of this opportunity. Whether it is in front or behind the field, playing all the time. In the prevention of passing his coverage is very wide, playing a single security guard is not difficult. After the quarterback’s shot, he was also able to chase the ball before he took over. The ball is particularly outstanding, the ability to catch the ball than the outside took over, just one year’s experience on the main copy cut seven times, interrupted the 4 pass, amazing. However, in contrast, Kerr’s anti run ability has yet to be improved, although the speed is very fast, but some of the lack of grasp of the timing, missed the situation also occurs when the catch.

Scoring summary:
Tactical literacy: excellent; anti pass: good; ball sense: excellent; anti run: medium
Draft forecast: No. 11-20, there is hope to enter the top ten
Super safety defense led second before the draft top can not he

4、Kevin – Kim (Kevin King, University of Washington)
Height 190 cm, weight of 91 kg

Brief introduction: This article River Wei, tall gold in the last season for the University of Washington from the Pacific Alliance (Pac-12) break, scored the semi-finals made distinctions won in battle. Not only do you have a good angle, but also be able to play the corner or the guardian, but also willing to fight the secret service. Last season, gold has shown good results when testing leadership skills, plus the rise from the original draft prospect in the second round of a road.

Gold tactics is also good, the regional defense and man are doing well, just when some individual action quickly enough, let the opponent take over abroad accounted for the advantage of the time difference. In the marking, gold is not only tall, very fast, 40 yards sprint can reach 4.43 seconds and other anthropometric data are good, so he can trust, personal ability is also very strong, just need to improve transmission capacity. Gold is also a good sense of the ball, have the ability to look at the quarterback’s line of sight, but also the height of the ball when the game is also very obvious, three years of career, there are 21 times to pass the ball to cut off the 6. In contrast, the only anti run ability is more general, although he is not in the wind in the body, but also dare to fight, but the ability to capture the general, often by opponents to escape. Need to accumulate experience in this area.

Scoring summary:
Tactical literacy: good; anti pass: good; ball sense: good; anti run: medium Bears Official Jerseys
Draft forecast: No. 11-25

With running guards and Chong Chuan hand, like this year’s two line talent is also a lot of. There are two people for having heard it many times name, University of Michigan Jia Brill peipers (Jabrill Peppers) and the lattimores, Hu and Kerr two teammates, and Leon Conley (Gareon Conley) we haven’t introduced. The two are very optimistic, very versatile peipers, linebacker, safety, running back, back attack hand played last season also received the Heisman voting. But he recently broke the test when testing unqualified. Conley is considered a row in front of gold, with the strength of his teammates lattimores the top cornerback be roughly the same. But today he’s charged with rape. The two may have been placed in front of the gold or even Kerr in front, but from now on, I hope not. Apart from them, and radar Weiesi – White (Tre ‘Davious White, cornerback, Louisiana state), Quincy (Quincy Wilson, Wilson shawntae, University of Florida, marlung) – Humphrey (Marlon Humphrey, cornerback, University of Alabama) and Obi Melly von Ukraine (Obi Melifonwu, safetys, University of Connecticut) is expected to be selected in the first round of the second round or top. Two days after the first round and the next round of the third round of three days, please pay attention.

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