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nfl jerseys news


NFL draft allocation is more direct comparison. nfl jerseys news Teams that did not go into the playoffs, such as NBA, were determined by drawing lots to determine the ownership of the first three draft picks, which are not applicable here. In NFL, the draft is assigned in full accordance with the results. For the playoffs, is in accordance with the regular season record, the worst record in the team will get the first pick, the second difference will be the second sign and so on. For the playoff team, it is based on the results of the playoffs, and then according to the results of the regular season to rank, the same is the result of the worse the ranks of the team more forward. The team that just won the Super Bowl champion is the last in the draft. Each round of the draft is basically the same, only the record the same team, will take turns in front of each other. This year, for example, the Chicago bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the same. Bears because small occupied inferior and got the third sign, Jaguar is No. four. So to the second round will be replaced, into a Jaguar in front of the bear in the back. If three or more teams have the same record, they are in front of each round. And so on。

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Third to seventh minutes, the maple leafs lucky goal, goalkeeper Anderson first saved the capital of the picture card Ovici Kim shot to create substitution opportunities for the team, the ball defender Riley hanging onto the floor, but after the rebound fell to the strange door, the formation of Mathews and Holt than the one on top face, Maple Leaf this opportunity is very calmly chose to pull the ball to move, finally break the Holt ratio of ten to 1:0.

But thirteenth minutes, the game play off the capital group of two people left Johansson dampened the enthusiasm of the fans, the center, he received three group center Ella’s cross after the shooting around four groups defensive striker Capanin Maple stabbed near Anderson, ball breakdown five hole, slid over the gate line, 1:1. After the loss of the maple leaf team did not let their debut in the four group, the two teams are unable to rewrite the score in the regular time, the two sides in the six series, the game went into overtime for the fifth time.

Because there are many kinds of positions on the field, the importance of each position is different, so the value reflected in the draft is also different. The most typical example is that the position of the quarterback is undoubtedly the most important, and it is a very difficult thing to happen to be a high level quarterback. These two points will directly lead to the market demand, the quarterback forever, so you can imagine, even if the level is not worthy of show champion quarterback, as long as he was considered the best quarterback in the same session, it is likely to be chosen as the champion show, mentioned at the beginning of the article is so Truby lipinski. In the past ten years, there has been a champion in the top 6. On the contrary, similar to running back and take over this position, it is generally considered not great importance, this year happens to have some very good running back and wide receiver, but still no one thinks they will be selected in the top three. The last time in the two position of the players is the champion show, but also back to 20 years ago.

The value and importance of great difference between the position and the position is needed, the quarterback team nfl jerseys china, if he had not, they will try to get a high priority draft picks, to elect a team can become the next five years or even ten years to protect the quarterback. This year’s champion signed Brown hand holding two first round sign, that is, the first sign and sign number twelfth. Because of this level are generally considered quarterback in general, is not worthy of the lottery, so the Brown team, the ideal situation is to sign Gareth with the champion, pick 12 Truby lipinski. But at the same time, the Brown team also need to worry about Truby Pinsky before in twelfth, the other team was cut. So the idea that there are many, if you want to ensure that the Brown team chose trube Skippy, you should put your No. twelfth to trade.

NFL team in the draft will be more targeted. Although the management and coaching staff in charge of the people often say that the words, will fully comply with the strength of the players to assess the candidates, but in essence, the location is also a very important consideration. As mentioned above, the ability of Truby Chomsky far enough not to sign top level, without considering the importance of the position, he may even have to go into the first round. But just because he is a quarterback, is still considered to be Gareth, the top second show champion.

A good quarterback is hard to find, but once a team has a team that they think can lead the team, they don’t have to look for it. And there are some position, even if the team has a very good player, the team will still try to supplement to more adequate protection, this demand is another type of cornerback and rushed pass in the two position is a typical. Among the players participating in this year’s draft, these two positions are also very large number of players, is expected to be held in the first round of the draft tomorrow, there will be more than Wei Wei and Chuan Chuan hand was selected.

Since the offseason, each university decides will run the list of players has basically determined, various experts have also started to do prediction, namely “mock draft”. At present the draft is close at hand, the experts have accumulated a number of simulation draft has been numerous. As a matter of fact, there is always a possibility of a transaction, so the purpose of the simulation is not to predict the number of people, but to the needs of each team.

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