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This year’s NFL draft conference will be held in Beijing on Friday in Philadelphia, a historic event in American football. A few years ago, the draft in the United States has not been so popular today. But since ESPN fancy the value of the draft, conducted a full range of upgrade reports, will be a general selection into a Carnival Carnival fans, NFL’s draft conference has become something of A.

This year, ESPN team will be the first time in front of the NFL draft live coverage, in a unique way and perspective for the majority of Chinese fans offer a full range of analysis and interaction.

With the NHL playoffs in the first round of the last game in the capital of the people to overcome the maple leaf, the second round of the playoffs in the first round of the eight teams were born. Is the eastern partition of the Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh penguins, New York Rangers, Ottawa senator and Western Division Saint Louis blues, Nashville Raiders, Anaheim duck, Edmonton oilers.

The second round of the playoffs is still in the seed qualifying system, high seed qualifying home advantage. Between the district and the first wild card winner will challenge with two or three winners. The next round of the wild card team Rangers, predators, so the two team still to go away.

Philadelphia is one of the largest and oldest cities in the United states. There are hundreds of years of history, politics, culture and sport in the United states. You can find the first hospital in the United States, the first university, or even the first farmers market. Every year, about 40000000 tourists from all sides. Love of history and politics can be visited by the independence of the American spirit of the memorial hall. If love art, may wish to walk along the river, came to the famous Philadelphia Museum of art, and recall the classic step in the movie rocky 12. For food lovers, almost every street here is the smell of the local classic Cheese Steak sandwich. However, the most happy is the sports fan, Mark – Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg) starred in the classic movie “Spartacus” (Invincible) let the protagonist – Philadelphia hawks rugby player Vince Papelle grass (Vince Papele) the story became a household name. Here, the flow of football jerseys in each of Philadelphia’s blood, but also marks the city’s unique tough character.

In addition to the players themselves, there are a lot of NFL draft worthy of exploration and attention, such as a wide range of fan interactive activities. To this end, the Tencent -ESPN the current NFL to the Oakland Raiders linebacker James (James Cowser) – kausar and Norwich University football player Ding Long, from the scene to bring Chinese first-hand reports.

James was in Hongkong Chinese costs as an exchange student life over a period of time, spoke fluent Chinese. He also has a Chinese Name: Guo Yongzhi. According to him, because a friend like him very much, he gave his mother’s family name.

“Five years ago, my Chinese is better than it is now. About more than 3 thousand words.” James said.

James through the Oakland Raiders team NFL jerseys china (Player Engagement), during last year’s tour to China, became an intern in china.

In this year’s regular season, the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadians played three games, and the game was swept by the opponent in the three games. The middle reaches of the playoffs cavalry is not optimistic about the series before the forecast of the probability of Canada and rangers to open 8/2. More than half of the series after the tour cavalry gradually found in the state, spare no effort to catch up big score 1-2 behind the case, winning 3 games, not to visit the Canadians today back to Montreal home court opportunity.

“Actually, I had a lot of choices. I can go to a large company internship, you can go to the team management internship, you can complete their education, etc.. But I chose to come to china. I really like china.” James said.

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