Football Promotion in China

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James made a lot of publicity activities in the sport of rugby Chinese, wearing a full set of equipment with passers-by in the street and so on, but in addition to these commercial activities, have a deeper understanding of the development of football in China James.

“A lot of Chinese people are still in a bit of fear about football. They will be worried about concussion, the impact on the body, etc.. But when they start to really come into contact with the game, they will realize how much you can get from it. I think the development of football in China, we must first focus on the game, followed by the coach, and then the training camp.” James said.

James travelled to China kausar, while in the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the eastern United States, there is also a Chinese silently chasing my football dream.

Ding Long, had a tryout in Jacksonville jaguars, now president of the math teacher in the cheap nfl jerseys American state of Connecticut. Although the occupation has changed, but the dragon’s love for football has not been reduced.
“I think the most attractive thing about football is a team sport, the spirit of selflessness.” Ding Long said. “I have confidence in the popularity of football in china. The development is very good, the team is much more than before. Ten years ago, only the waist flag, football equipment, and now the country has its own indoor Rugby League, inter city and University league.” Ding Long said.

Ding Long was playing rugby at the age of 19, but it was the first time in China that there had been a rugby youth camp, one round in Beijing and one in Shanghai. Ding Long was chosen, won a scholarship and came to the United States to become an amateur football player.

In this field the best player in Rangers zuccarello the field also follow two key points, plus 18 seconds from the end of the game and the case, Pang push Kongmen score, and finally let the Rangers had the last laugh.
“Montreal is really a tough opponent.” After experiencing a series of hand – to – hand combat, it is particularly tired to praise the opponent. “It’s going to be a good rest for a few days, but it’s only the first round and we need to prepare for the next round.” After a brief smile, but also know zuccarello heart the next round of the wholesale nfl jerseys competition will be more difficult, although the promotion of happy, but as a team. They are not the slightest relaxation.

In 2012, Ding Long took part in the NFL draft. Before that, he through the selection of the northeastern United States, broke into the New Jersey training game player position before the three, get to participate in the national NFL test (Combine) qualification.

“Kicker measure is relatively simple, playing three kick-off, five shots. But the psychological quality is very high.” Ding Long said. “This time we reported that NFL testing is completely different, 40 yards sprint is definitely one of the China fans will love the link.”

After a few years, back to the familiar draft scene, James and Ding Long feel more cordial, there are a lot of fans want to share with the experience and insights. At the same time to invite two players to report NFL draft, even in the English media is rare, and this time, the domestic fans can seize the opportunity to experience a pure American football event. The next few days, Tencent -ESPN draft conference reports, not to be missed!

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