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Champion and quarterback merits and demerits

Champion and quarterback merits and demerits

2017 NFL draft hot topics, although many,49ers game cut jerseys however, the focus of suspense and no doubt focus on the current debate champion. The physical conditions of outstanding Dezhou aandm defensive end Meyers Garrett (Myles Garrett) in the morning is many draft experts recognized the champion candidates and North Carolina quarterback Mitch Chubisiji (Mitchell Trubisky) in the near future, there is a way gone.

As an attacking commander on the pitch, the quarterback has always been a hot spot for the draft. In the past 17 years, the league has selected the top 12 quarterback show. In contrast, only three of the top defensive side. This year, with the first round pick alliance belly team Cleveland Brown face two strong candidates, until the draft approach has not yet made a final decision. In the eyes of many experts, the election of Gareth is no doubt an insurance decision, and for Cleveland, a good quarterback is more important for them. According to media reports, Brown insisted on the coaching team of Gareth, but the team management is more popular Chubisiji, team boss also very want a quarterback. The two sides have differences.

ESPN senior writer Todd (Todd McShay) – Mike Shea, Brown team have two choices: one is to choose Gareth, and then through the transaction to obtain Chubisiji; two is the choice of Chubisiji, then in twelfth the choice of a defensive tackle.

In the eyes of many experts, Chubisiji Garrett and their respective advantages and disadvantages is very obvious:

Many are full of inspirational story in the history of NHL, Dolby, Nick became the Minnesota team’s starting goalkeeper wild story is one of them. Du Nick NHL started his career with Edmonton oilers, first as a goalkeeper, and later became the league teams at the bottom of the starting goalkeeper Du Nick, although the original performance is also good, but in the 2013-14 season, he fell into the valley, less than 90% and higher than three of the average rate of fighting the ball so he eventually lost the starting goalkeeper position, after being traded to the Nashville Raiders, and between NHL and AHL, Nick Dolby was eventually traded to the Arizona goalkeeper coach Sean Burke he helped enrich the confidence and restore performance in there. Then he was traded to the wild and became the starting goalkeeper, his inspirational story in 2015 that he won the award for the most resolute perseverance player Bill Masterton trophy. In this season Dolby Nick has become one of the best goalkeeper in the league, the regular season part looks even he is the best goalkeeper of candidates, although at the end of the season when Du Nick’s performance is not so good at first, but his ability can lead his team to victory, if wild to beat the blues, Nick Dolby must return to normal the game state, and served as a wild team goalkeeper and Stonewall role.

Meyers Garrett

Advantages: draft is not so complicated. Gareth is the best player in the draft, he is no doubt 49ers game cut jerseys the choice. Gareth performs well in the Southeast Division, which is one of the closest leagues in the United States to professional football. Gareth forced his opponent to lose the code number of intercept data is 34.5, the number of times up to grab up to 21 times. As for why to choose a defensive player? You know, in the past four super bowl, there are teams of the year is the first team to defend the ranks of the defensive data, the importance of self-evident.

Disadvantages: NFL some people will question whether Gareth is mature enough to have the ability to honor everyone’s expectations of him. Yes, Gareth can play with his own physical talent, but that doesn’t mean we can predict how his skills will go to NFL. And as a rookie, it is difficult to stand on the defensive end. As a contrast, this year, the number of NFL grabbed the first Beasley – Beasley (Vic) in the rookie season, only a grab. Gareth’s team had better have a good foundation to support the next four or five seasons.

Mitch Chubisiji

Advantages: choosing a quarterback in the first place is a very safe thing to do. The Chubisiji video shows that he has the potential to make his speed, and the ability to pass the route choice of play. He also enjoys a long pass, and dare to play in the fight against tactics. The long ball is often a different people have different views of the technology, but Chubisiji ball is very stable, the accuracy is very high. No two years starting over Chubisiji University before, but he was not affected by this. It’s crucial for a draft hot quarterback. To hold the first round of the second overall pick of the San Francisco team of 49 people, all of them Chubisiji is well known, coach Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) and quarterbacks coach had specifically to North Carolina and Chubisiji training. You know, there is no Chubisiji beyond any other quarterback enjoyed by Dan Shanahan treatment.
What the Chinese fans may not know is that each draft is actually divided into two small pools, one for the quarterback and one for the rest. Unless a team has a quarterback like Manning or La, it is likely that the quarterback will get a better draft than his own. A lot of teams don’t think Chubisiji can get into the high position, not to mention the champion. Many of his video data show.

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