NFL Ambassador of love

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Newton sells love in the mall, and teaches kids to make choices in Currie and Durant’s jerseys.

Four Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm has been a controversial figure of NFL and small flow. Although there are often some controversial remarks on the golf course. But in the field, Newton is a qualified public figure.

On Friday, Newton appeared in the DICK’S sporting goods store in Atlanta, with 17 teenage athletes from the US Special Olympic delegation. These 5~18 year old athletes are all Newton’s countrymen. Newton gave them 200 dollars per person, so that they could pick their favorite sports equipment in DICK’S sports store, and they donated 3400 dollars.

A small fan of Jinzhou warriors did not know how to choose a Kali shirt and a Durant shirt. When Newton came out, he asked the little friend: “if you want to choose a bright star, you will choose who, or when you are.” What kind of Jersey do you want to wear when you play basketball on the court? Newton’s remarks came out, the decision made by a little friend of the 30 T warriors, who left his shirt in his “shopping cart” and put the staff back to Durant’s shirt, and Newton’s two problems were the same. Presumably, when he sees this scene, he will be very happy.

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