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Komatsu is my university with the schoolmate order lowest price cheap nike nfl jerseys, the family fast shipping Rescue hopeless life was poor, the mother paralyzed for many years, father dengsanlun family. Her college costs independently, every weekend, we nest in the dorm to sleep watching TV, she held the plate in the supermarket promotions, from early nine to nine p.m.. We are laughing and climbing when shopping on her back and forth distribute leaflets in the building of the residents of the building, a day to climb the five thousand steps.

In 2001, Komatsu examination preparation. Just a month before the exam, her father had an accident, he overloaded the tricycle in the emergency shelter in a large truck, upside down in a ditch, his father died on the spot, also hit a little girl.

Komatsu please leave a half a month, the funeral home to his father, and sold the house for girls, and can not take jerseys china factory care of the mother, near the school rented a small cottage to settle down, she gave up the grind, move out of the dormitory and school every day, to find a job, take care of the mother, also insisted on the name of work.

It is hard to imagine a twenty year old girl is how to carry it all. At that time she common after class in the canteen to buy a steamed stuffed bun, riding a broken bike to my mother to go by like the wind, hair blown out of order from the back, do not see a girl.

She finally left in my impression, is that messy and hard back.

And now, Komatsu is a toy factory manager. Shortly before we met, she wore an authentic nhl jerseys from china elegant suit, delicate makeup, like that person, I had a hard time put in front of her and the memory of the girl together.

Talk and the past, she told me that she suffered far more than I know.

She was to have a boyfriend, but also college students, is a poor, they work well together, about the Komatsu in PubMed, but then his mother came, he went once, then disappeared.

There was no mobile phone, is the dormitory telephone, he never received the Komatsu phone, they haven’t been working in the supermarket. Komatsu riding a bike to school hours to find him, he did not hold the dormitory building, students sent a note down, say sorry, you didn’t know me. Komatsu Chuaizhe the note ride back, big wind blowing, tears all over my face.

In order not to let her mother know, when coming home, she found the toilet wash face, with sleeves dry, see mother, is a person’s refreshed.

But Komatsu mother felt hurt the children. Once Komatsu found her in the save rope, long short pile, saved, a cheap jerseys onlin small piece of a small piece of ground, under the quilt on the bed – beam, fool can guess what she did. The day Komatsu hugged her mother cry, I said no dad, do you still want me without a mother? Her mother cried, said Komatsu I see you too bitter.

“At that time, I thought, I am a good person, have hands and feet have brains, don’t also keep my mom?” Komatsu said.

The second day, she spent 170 dollars to buy a set of the rest of life the most expensive clothes, and had a haircut to start your life looking for work. Her job requirements are simple: the salary is high, not a business trip (because to take care of her mother). As for the size of the company, occupation outlook, work intensity of what she had, don’t care about a difficult survival of the people, the ideal, future, self is too uncertain what her a pressing matter of the moment is to live.

Then she went into the only 5 people in a small company, a person to do three people live, leading their salary, busy even graduations were scorched by the flames, did not participate in the.

“At that time I see other students, all with the gods, too relaxed and leisurely jerseys direct supply.” Komatsu said, “but they still complain that work tired, poor leadership, work overtime too late what, say everybody is very depressed, want to collapse. I said, this is still a thing, you want to change me, you can not live?”

“Don’t you feel bitter?”

“Bitter, bitter dead. But in no mood to complain, no time to collapse, but did not qualify hypocritical, I must first ensure that we could survive. In fact, I am not a particularly strong willed person, but people have to go that step, you have to go forward with a boring head.”

She went on to say something that I thought was very good:

“When it’s too hard, you don’t want to think about it. Do you like to climb a high mountain, at the foot of the mountain can not always see the top of the mountain, so you will feel exhausted can not go, get discouraged, despair.

If this mountain you can not climb, do not think how high it, the first step to step out of the foot to say, the first difficulty to solve the immediate problem to say, go one step more difficult.

I used to distribute leaflets part-time too, if the total planning to climb five thousand step today, may go out to be paralyzed, but every time I want to say, on the first floor, then a layer and then a layer to climb.”

A year later, Komatsu finally Huanguo gas to pay off student loans, and my mother moved out of cottage, she switched to another big toy company, while trying to do my job, and carefully study the daily commute in listening to the industry bigwigs lecture, the evening also tired to read a 40 page book, also have the jerseys different size opportunity to help other colleagues to work with them.

And after two years, she applied to a larger toy factory, one is the middle, where the understanding of the present

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