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I believe in fate, but Not so hard to chooe not intermittent smug, persistent mixed with food to nike nfl jerseys free shipping from china factory get out die.There are two reasons for the letter: first, I can not think of what will happen tomorrow, two of life there are too many uncertainties, people can not grasp. So, I believe that yesterday brought me lessons and today I want to do.

Many chicken soup hands tell me, as long as the efforts will be able to get success. But in fact, want to succeed in addition to many other factors, such as opportunities, such as people appreciate, such as your external environment changes, such as you continue to work twenty years or thirty years, used the time to boil. Hard work is fundamental, but not those external factors, your efforts not worth a hair.

A Jun is a teacher, working hard and meticulous. Good plan met a lot of, but I have not seen such a beautiful lesson plans, writing one, can be used as a copybook with plans for full endorsement; next, and behind the attachment of experience and reflection; he gave the students a number of operations, but also carefully worded comments.

From more than and 20 years old to work has been such an attitude, but he retired to a common teacher. I do not cheap jerseys onlin mention the reasons for the system, but he retired, said a sentence: I work hard for a lifetime, but also a young dream, but the opportunity is not the time to my head. This is not the case, not Overgeneralization. Look around their own, so that the industry leader in a few people? Most of them are ordinary people.

Also don’t give a good grasp of opportunities, don’t say that opportunities are prepared for people who are prepared. People who do not seek fame and fortune to prepare for and like hunger and thirst to see them?

A friend is doing drinks wholesale business, opened a window, the 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys early late Hugh, contact customers, taking into account and make money very careful in reckoning, he? Earn. Asked him to achieve their desired goals? He said that income is not directly proportional to their own pay. Business is a lost thing, a lot of things are not sure.

When it comes to this, it seems very pessimistic, people living in jerseys supply center the world, since there are so many jerseys different size uncertainties, it is also mixed with what? Step by step, waiting for the fate of the arrangements. Anyway, efforts are not necessarily a result.

I also want to say that life is short, don’t have much time to die with no hope of things to do.

Mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out. But, believe in life do not believe in God will be a stick and killed the people, the road so much, not to go in one way to black? Is the predicament of life so difficult to break?

The gist of Lonely Nine Sword not see each other’s flaws, but stop, do not rigidly adhere to the inherent pattern.

A friend asked me: old, I am in the unit suffocated, every day from nine to five, repeating the same thing, although I do, but to live it. I say, do you have a hobby or want to do other things? He said that the work schedule is dead, work also busy mixed things, just want to do other things, there is no time.

You need to worry, euthanasia is a good choice. I say.

Now that you see retirement at a glance, the effort is still the result, do not want to make a change, with this or that kind of excuse to enjoy the cage to bring you a sense of security. What are the good results except for the dead?

At work, although everything has been clear, a lot of things they can not grasp. But there is always something you can control, like what you said to the children: do you have any hobbies or want to do? He did not, and his set had long been under siege.

Linghu Chong jumped out of the Zijin magic, Yue Buqun taught his swordsmanship, in a more clear way the achievements of their own. He has many difficulties, but he does not rigidly adhere to the form, you can control yourself. Life in the confusion too much, sometimes, to break their own inherent fixed, not rigid, another kind of attitude or lifestyle, the world will become another look.

Li Bai said to be useful, I prefer to understand this sentence in each of them has a prominent advantage. They do not play their own advantages, what is the way?

The said in front of the wine business friends, he has his own hobbies, love and leisure, often communicate with the same loving friends, a little bit of accumulated experience more and more rich. For a long time, but also make a good eye. In the collection of small and calligraphy collection of famous. Later, he will shop to others, to concentrate on the start of the collection of paintings.

Then we communicate, he said: business on the ground, a lot of jerseys factory supply things I can not control. And in the painting and calligraphy, I can in their own ability to complete control, do have confidence. To do their own things, especially the number of things, is very happy.

Why do we even in the depression is not willing to lose now have to get things? Like chicken ribs, eat no meat jerseys china factory, but also reluctant to discard, and taste after all. Because of fear, no courage, more important is no control of confidence, not the pursuit of better development of courage. So we would rather die in the middle of the dilemma than to do what we can control.

Heart, as long as the heart is still, and unwilling to die rather than being at the mercy of the heart, have control of their own destiny belief, play the advantages and strengths of their own, will slowly walk in out of predicament.

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