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I Appropriate timing used to do a job, when my line manager to wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys supply good quality talk to me, my topic is very novel: do not fear the promotion.

Yes, I used to be a person afraid of promotion.

I don’t want a higher job title and salary, but the pressure on the role that comes with the promotion will make me shy. When you do the primary work, as long as the technology to do the work can be done; and rise to the role of the manager, you need to assume a certain sales targets. Another example of the previous work, manage yourself; and then rise requires management to other colleagues, but these people and not your return specified by you, often are some wild and intractable advocate, so their pressure will be bigger. I always shrink back at the critical moment, and provide a good and sufficient reason: I am not ready, I am afraid it is difficult to……

For a long time, so I can be “grounded” and “humble” and very pleased with oneself, I think it is that he is a responsible person and modest and prudent. To quit the job, the boss leaves gave me a heartfelt advice: “I hope you don’t be too complacent, more aggressive.” I was very surprised, also is not convinced: “I nfl jerseys supply am not willing to seize the opportunity, is not yet!”

I have a friend’s experience and performance, but it is just the opposite of me.

Her workplace is recognized as a “good” brand soft persimmon, than I am complacent, only wish is to leave to take a few days. The results of the two faction leader to fight, and finally come to both departments after the reorganization of a new Department to consider candidates, election to election had chosen for her — because only she does not belong to any faction, not provoke much contradiction.

Be friends are not willing to drive a duck onto a perch, because the Department leadership work is not good, like the waves like a boat upstream skill but also know how to balance, will be handled properly speaking skills. Friends do not want to do, and do not know how and above him, and the occasion was appointed, but was not her full of joy, gave birth to china.

But it went up, looks very difficult thing, split into each day, also cheap nfl jerseys supply in the past. Of course, a lot of problems, but fortunately the department just once to, not in a short period of time the two shocks, so some difficulties have been stuck around her teeth. The nike nfl jerseys free shipping results on the seat she had worked for two years and was later headhunters to a Nordic company to do the same job, although the same positions, salaries have multiplied, interpersonal relationship is also easier, and she herself with a “decent” and “thoughtful” won the trust of the boss.

In the face of opportunities and major decisions, our most natural response is to wait for a suitable opportunity, but what is the right time? We do not know, also don’t know the answer, muddleheaded entrusted to the future.

CISCO’s chief technology officer, Padmasi Warrior, was asked: “what is the most important wholesale nfl jerseys supply lesson you learned from your past mistakes?” She replied: “when I first started, I refused to have a lot of opportunities, because at that time I think ‘I can’t do this job’ or ‘I don’t know about this field’. In retrospect, the ability to quickly learn and make progress at a given time is the most important. Now I often mention that when you look for your next goal, it doesn’t really matter of exactly the right moment. You have to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to create a suitable for their own opportunities, rather than blindly refuse. Learning ability is the most important characteristic that a leader must have.”

Padma Tin’s answer to our two inspirations:

One is that there is not a perfect moment in life, unless you force yourself to do it. Our fears are often based on uncertainty about our ability to do the job, and from the fear of stress that is going to be under pressure. The more usual love thinking, love planning are more likely to fear, but is usually careless or utilitarian people will not be so anxious, full of joy to go up. As for how to adapt to a higher position, you can do it first. This shows that “to do” than “first want to do” better, rapid learning, and make the results is the main.

The two is in the rapid development of the society, the most important to seize the opportunity, don’t worry about whether you need to stand on tiptoe. Frankly, the workplace can give you a chance is not easy, no leadership will go repeatedly to persuade people to apply cautious silence higher position. More realistic, you may feel that you are nike nfl jerseys supply not qualified to try, but there are people who can not be as good as you are. If you don’t go, they’ll go, and they’ll run faster at a faster pace.

The “right time” problem not only appears in the workplace, but also often occurs in our life: when to change jobs, when to go abroad, when to get married, when to children…… For these common problems, we often give can only be ambiguous answer: it is not appropriate, and other conditions are ripe to say something about it.

When is the “right time”? The question is difficult to answer. What’s interesting is that if these things happen in the absence of a plan, such as being called by a head hunter.

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