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Saw too much chicken Years of quiet good all style of soup soft 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys from china Wen wrote:Black hair and waist girl pigtail muttonchops idiotWandering the old, Deserted InnTime is better.Can you understandIf there is no time, how can you be quiet?If you don’t work hard, how can you have the time?I have a friend A.

When we go to the university to listen to lectures, questions are drawn from the people who have the opportunity to get a special award prizes.

Host Carter, there is a large hand held high, only her hands up “Shua” to look up.

People did not expect, but the host smiled and nodded, immediately field service delivery to the microphone, she neatly questions, successfully got the gift.

After the lecture, I asked her why, she said: because I know cheap nike nfl jerseys supply that no one will stand up, if I do, the opportunity will be mine.

I still have a friend B.

In the circle of friends she often basking in the most beautiful picture: wearing a loose dress, sitting in the inn to open his own drinking coffee and look at the old book, the fresh and quiet years, like.

One day, for a long time not to contact the B suddenly borrow money from me, a large number of openings is also quite large.

I like her, but just graduated one or two years, which can suddenly come up with so much money. Asked how she, she is secretive.

After a while, she finally admitted, opened the inn has owed a lot of money, but the inn always desolate, red.

I called her silly, has been a loss of business also do. Can not be mixed up at any cheap nike jerseys from china time can come back, we help her find a job, to save money. This is not difficult in the present society, to do some part-time, vote for what, 35 years is enough.

At that time to play the life of the end of the world is not too late.

“Not too good,” she called “lack of confidence in the workplace too much intrigue, I am not very love.”

I told her that the workplace is not so unbearable, but this is the real life ah, always have to face.

But she has stressed that he wants the indisputable rob, want to slowly boil the coffee and the lazy cat. When it comes to borrow money if the business is not good, then how to do. She was still hesitated.

We spoke for a long time, and there was no conclusion.

Later hung up the phone, and then open the circle of friends, just to see the A drying out their own Microsoft gold medal staff award. Yes, she is a engineering woman, after graduation into the Microsoft.

She was sent to the United States for training, walking near cheap nfl jerseys from china the White House briefing on the monument of the bench in a daze; she often learn some cooking, shopping and spending their own money to buy their own clothes and love, male friends and co-workers to play badminton.

Think of a little place in Henan from her to wear, we all love to buy Taobao with the bursting of the grass root temperament, but with a face of an optimistic smile, sitting back six words on the ladder.

She occasionally Slide Show in the circle of friends, write some fresh text, but I can see, it is a fresh, energetic, hard life girl.

I have to admit, I’m more recognized A this time is better.

Don’t know what time to start, those in the circle of friends crazy forwarded the chicken soup tune girls “in this life to be a stay away trip”, “must go to Tibet or Yunnan,” said, “all the wealth and power are done as trassient as a fleeting cloud”, a “good quiet time, like” people.

These articles poisoned a large number of girls like B, so they mistakenly think that the years of quiet good is so simple.

But this time is still good, but it is a fake and shoddy products.

Your time is still good, no time.

How old are you? In his twenties, not in the workplace to flex its muscles, no dream, have not seen persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the hardships of life. Your years are as thin as a piece of paper.

You say you know, understand the dream with life, to lead like heavy cheap jerseys from china pen in the thin years of carving, to put this layer of the fragile paper written in a disastrous state, too horrible to look at, had to force a smile that he is very good.

You haven’t got the mountain, why say the hills with cold, why say no mountain scenery.

Your “time is still good”, but no better.

You just graduated from college, parents hope you take off, and you say to like, you can let them down to “quiet”;

You may meet your beloved, your loved one may also is just entering the community, one person can assume the lives of two people, and you can see him hard quiet “;

And maybe you are alone, was unusual for not rob the life also let you have to cheap nike nfl jerseys from china eat and drink, but to see a play, listen to a concert or a favorite clothes will let you repeatedly plan spending constraints of life can make you still quiet”.

You see now, “Wen Qing” became a derogatory term, it makes people sad, but also helpless.

Because the former text is in the description of a group of how wonderful people, Eileen Chang, Xi Murong, Yang Liping…… Every woman has experienced numerous ups and downs, reading all the vicissitudes of life, the story will experience life into the nib,

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