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Note: This article excerpts we realize the from “the alchemist”, is wholesale nba jerseys free shipping dream a preface written by the author for the book version of the English. The book tells the story of a young boy who follows the voice of his heart, and the success of this book is the realization of his dream. As a person who is loyal to the inner voice, the author uses the experience to tell you: to realize the dream on the road, you will encounter the obstacles are what……

I remember received a letter from the American press Harper Collins’s letter, the letter said: “read the alchemist” like dawn wake up to see the sun rises at the same time, the world was still asleep. At that time, I went outside and saw the sky, self thinking: “so, this book will be published in english”. At that time, I was on the way to becoming a writer. Though all the people told me that it was impossible to achieve.

Gradually, my dream to become a reality, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one million sold in the United states. One day, a Brazil reporter called and told me that the picture of President Clinton was shot. After a few days, I saw the magazine “Vanity Fair” in Turkey, and Julia Roberts declared that she loved the book. Walking wholesale nba jerseys nike alone in the streets of Miami, I heard a girl tell my mother that you must read the book “the shepherd boy’s fantasy journey”.

This book has been translated into 56 languages and sold more than 2 million copies, people began to ask: what is the secret behind such a great success?

Honest answer: I do not know. All I know is that, as the shepherd boy, we all need to 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys recognize our own personal mission. What is a personal mission (calling personal)? That is God’s blessing, is God for you on earth to choose the path. Whenever we do the things that make us full of passion, we create our own legends. However, not all people have the courage to face their own dreams.

First: since childhood, we have been told that you want to do is impossible to achieve”. We grow up with this idea. Days and months multiplying, prejudice, fear and guilt ingrained. Finally, our personal mission is buried in the depths of the soul and invisible. But it’s still there.

If we have the courage to dig out the dream, we will face second obstacles: love. We know what we want to do, but we are afraid to abandon everything for the pursuit of dreams, will hurt the people around us. In fact, we do not realize that “love” is a greater power, and will not prevent us from moving forward. We are not aware of those who wish us well and are ready to accompany us on this journey.

Why are you here?

When we are inspired by love, we encounter third obstacles: the fear of the failure that we wholesale nba jerseys cheap will encounter on the road.

For the dream of hard work, we will be more than before suffering. Because we can no longer rely on the old excuses: Oh, well, actually, I do not want it so much. We really want to, and have to bet on this. The way of a person’s mission is not easier than any one. The difference is that we will treat it with all our heart. Warriors of light must be prepared to be patient in a difficult period, although not in the form of a specific form, but to believe that the universe will help us.

I asked myself, (in this way) is the failure is necessary?

Whether it is necessary or not, failure will happen. When we first fight for the dream, we have no experience, will make a lot of mistakes. And the secret of life is to fall seven times, you must stand up eight times.

Since we are going to be more difficult than others, why is it so important to accomplish a personal mission?

Because, once we get over it, we can always do it – we will be filled with joy and confidence. In the silence of our hearts, we know that we are living the miracle of life. Every day, every moment, all the hard work, we live in the passion and joy of the.

Those strong and unexpected pain will soon be over, and those who seem to endure the pain has long been preserved, inadvertently, will destroy our souls, until one day, we cannot liberate themselves from the pain, it will be with us for the rest of my life.

When the dream was inspired by, when we go to nurture it with the power of wholesale nba jerseys free shipping love, and with years of struggle. We suddenly realize that we want there, waiting for us, maybe tomorrow is reachable and.

Followed by fourth obstacles: the fear of the life of the dream to be realized.

Oscar Wilde said: “everyone killed his favorite thing,” and that’s the wholesale nba jerseys truth. Just to be able to achieve the possibility of dreams, so that the average person is full of guilt. We feel that we are not fit to get what we want to see those who can not realize their dreams. We forget all the obstacles that we have crossed, all the pains of endurance, and all that we have to give up in order to come here. I know a lot of people who commit a series of stupid mistakes when they are in the best of their hands, but they do not reach their goals even if it is only one step away.

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