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It’s 22:54 in the wholesale price for cheap nfl jerseys from china evening,You seem to be trying to just back to the dorm, full of work plans for the day. In addition to the normal course, I would also like to participate in an interview, but also to prepare a community of defense. I still have a lot of chores, as if every day is busy and full. Did a lot of things, but in bed carefully wanted to come, but it does not seem to have any harvest. Day is like a flow of water.

Every time, always think of a friend. We met in high school, I was under the impression that she is a very strong person, presided over the municipal primary school cultural festival of the Arts Festival, high school English contest presided over the whole school, when three passed the intermediate interpretation. When we are suffering the college entrance examination she gave up half alive, a famous university principal recommendation, ready to apply for Communication University of China broadcasting. When I thought impossible all might happen with her, but she came from poor 2 points from the literacy class and missed the news. That day, she to do is crazy and I cried half alive. It was the first time I saw her hysteria, like a stray cat.

After all, she did not go to Communication University of China, came to a place in Beijing is nfl jerseys cheap not particularly well known but also 211 of the school. Freshman, we communicate with each other, that she has become a part-time teacher of new oriental. Later, she made me breathless speed has become a product manager, English APP, every day to see all the people I think is daniel. If she is sitting in the rocket development, while I was driving a twentieth Century steamer.

Every time I communicate with her, I am proud of her, and again in my heart to produce a subtle sense of frustration. Often at that time, I will be determined to do something.

Remember we both came to the laboratory high school classes, to each other after the MP3 wish, vowed to see each other. Many years later. In those days she apply for Communication University of China defeat, she has been in doubt yourself, and I as an outsider to persuade her to let go. And now, she is doing a lot of wholesale nfl jerseys cheap highly educated people can not get the job in Beijing. I this self be learned in books people, but far less than she.

If she can in every field do it, I also like far behind her at her for a long time.

I think, I still have some pursuit. For example, I want to go to Guizhou in a year, I want to read 500 books in the University, I want to be in the University lost 10 pounds, I want to go to a university in Beijing, master of sociology. Now, I seem to have also achieved good results, the best academic performance, mixed with the honorary title of the school, holding a school scholarship. My efforts in the community have been rewarded, and was set as the next Secretary General of the society. I also got the favor of some boys. However, when I think about my friend, I always feel that their income is not a real existence, like colorful bubbles, will wholesale nba jerseys free shipping take a break.

She has recommended to me a lot of software, I admit that they are very good, and then continue to the day I do not fire.

Occasionally, I will envy her life, but only occasionally.

I love writing, love poetry, love songs, love poems written in prose fiction, then cheap nfl jerseys free shipping began to feel the after all not as the guy to eat, so I began to read professional books, but it often makes me hardly wished to live. A few times, and plunged back my literary fantasy City, a princess dream.

Last fall semester, she told me she wanted to be a writer. I smiled, not to say yes or no. Now, she has become a recommended author of the book, the day to see her article prompted by a sudden impulse, I was amazed at her writing and thought I had not familiar.

After all, her executive power, I do not know how many times better than I. I think, this is the crux of it.

Now, in fact, not what to complain about, we have in the heart have a strong desire to one day rise head and shoulders above others live their lives. I live most of the people in the eyes of college students should have a life, as if I have a wall behind, tired can lie down for a while, but it is also the existence of this wall, limiting my pace and direction. I do not do not work hard, just do not use the full, because I have a bargaining chip can retreat, tired, I can choose to rest.

And behind her, it’s like a cliff.

Once a friend sent me an article, tell me to try not to get what you want, tell nfl jerseys from china me that the ordinary people need a few generations of the accumulation can let the future generations to live their own life. Perhaps it is because of the ingrained early in our mind, so we had to set themselves a good variety of frame, not this, not that. We need to be successful, but we need more reasons for failure, with this universal reason, I will have to accept failure, because most people are so. Success comes from luck and effort, it is It’s only human.

In this way, I seem to have the pursuit, but always with the ideal distance.

So, in the absence of all possible to do one thing before, everyone has no right to deny themselves at the level of consciousness, but also do not give themselves to find a variety of reasons to assume the failure of the expected. Those reasons can

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