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You sat at a desk online from china free shipping, looking out of Tough times wholesale cheap nike jerseys the window gradually dim down the sky, tears in the eyes, but trying to not let it fall down. Just now, you found the college entrance examination scores, away from the university you want to go two thousand kilometers away. Under the age of 20, you have to think as long as the lofty ideals and high aspirations in high and vigorous spirits, and the dream will be at your fingertips. I can not bear to have revealed to you the reality of the cruel, but also did not persuade you to try another year”. After all, you have to take the road, after all, to make their own decisions.

You are not willing to enter the ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities. You clearly remember, to the school gate, to send your father is still asking, “do you really intend to go to school here?” You look down at the foot of the road, just under the rain, it is muddy. You have no answer, dragging luggage, continue to move forward. Originally optimistic you started to get some then be scanty of words. Do you think that life can only be so mediocre to go on, so be it.

Your rebellious adolescence, are very picky about what; you covered with thorns, the students see you all away. That day, I saw you again with a roommate from the conflict, they chat with the day, you left out in the cold. You a person went to the Internet bar, in that virtual space, with strange friends vent your distress. Soon, you learned how to play truant, with parents for living expenses and travel around. You said to yourself, mix it, find a job is always not difficult, who is not so?

The Mid Autumn Festival, you go home, away from the school there cheap nfl jerseys online are two hours by car of a small town. The car pulled through a T-junction, in front of a car and a truck carrying coal trucks nearly collided, two drivers are at the wheel, car overturned truck is doubled, the vehicle will be buried coal car. You scared, because of the victims, there are two students of the same age with you. The first time you saw the fragility of life. Tomorrow and accident, do not know which one will come first.

Collect the bus leave on that day, you have to sit on the full like you have to go back to school students. Parents in the three layer in the three layers of the car around, the car moved very slowly, until send a T-junction, parents just spread slowly. You are in the crowd, I see your mother, temples with Shuang Hua, his face is not assured look. Before that, she had never sent you to the station. You used to think she might have been disappointed with you. But at that moment, you see, her love is never far away.

Back to school, you decided to study section of the. It was a tough decision price for cheap nfl jerseys – it’s been a big 3, your English level Four is not over yet. You bought a thick English dictionary, and you’re just going to be crazy. There are students in private bet, like you such a student, how can you insist on a cheap nike jerseys online month? You hear, and you don’t have any arguments. Just, the time to get up early in the morning, the time to lie down at night to push the. I love you, always say, “don’t be too hard to work and rest.” However, I also know that you have been abandoned for too long, you want to take the time to come back.

A few months later, you really passed the four level; the third semester, six also had a. In the eyes of all the people, you will continue to read your book. Parents pay for you to rent a bed, in the vicinity of the school in order to save money, your classmates in a crowded shop. Just because the rental night will not turn off the lights. You think, as long as you maintain such a rhythm, you should also go to the entrance of the road will be smooth bar. But the score, or a little bit worse. You quietly put away your report card, start looking for a job. Finally, in a no one night, you burst into tears, said I’m sorry parents pay. I can’t help but cry with you.

After graduation, you rent a house, go to work during the day, review at night, sleep only four or five hours a day, the body will soon be eating. One day, you come out from the company, transfer to the bus, the feeling is not steady. You sent a message to a friend said, to his entrance examination, you have to give up. Friends hurried to, give you boil a pot of porridge. You lie on the sofa, listening to her let you listen to the song, “the most want to place, how can it return in halfway……”

Second years, you have passed the exam, is a research university that you have cheap jerseys online from china been thinking of the students. From the first place to go to big city, your heart full of fear and inferiority. Other students seem to be versatile, but you can’t do anything. They teach you to play tennis, you can even hold good racket. You often miss home, feel that life is not because of the realization of the dream on the brilliant.

One day, your mood is bad to the extreme, you walk on the road, almost hit by a car. Thanks to a friend to see, he hugged your shoulder, you sent the road. He talked with you for a whole night, he said, in a bad mood and good to walk, eat, sleep well. The first time you found this strange city, originally filled with the warmth of human feelings.

You graduate, and stay in the big city that many people yearn for. I’d like to cheap jerseys online free shipping congratulate you, but to you, I see you still frown. Just started working, you live in the basement, the room is full of stale flavor, long corridor dark like no end. To get up early every day to get up early to squeeze the subway, at night and dragged his exhausted body back.

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