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Others unreasonable Neighbor L, have bee, make cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale with superior 100% guarantee time between parents and the reason is that L talked about a provincial boyfriend, the man suspected of parents too far from home, and L married in the past, in case of being bullied, no one can for her timely support, so simply disagree with L and her boyfriend to continue to contact, at first L also took up arms, but their reaction is more intense, and they put the L into the room, and she broke all communication tools, the L off for a month, L was very filial piety, listen to my parents, coupled with their personality lovely gentleness, after such a toss, unexpectedly also from the parents, and her boyfriend parted. Later, L married a local husband, life is still harmonious and happy.

Students healer and L, a similar experience: boyfriend provinces, and cheap jerseys wholesale the family economic conditions in general, so their love was strongly opposed to any family. But any strong character, personal ability is very strong, coupled with the look of this marriage, so no compromise. The mother said, her boyfriend any of the family is not wealthy, later in life will be very hard. Small said: not rich can create wealth with both hands. The father said: you married to the other side in case of being bullied, no one to help you. Small said: I do have their own master, not bully me. Any answer, let parents speechless. The end result is that the healer being evicted. Any uncomfortable for a while, and her boyfriend went to Shanghai to fight. With dance, healer founded his own dance training, and business is good. Two years after the Spring Festival, our home, at home in the city to buy a house of my own, and then also healer is pregnant. Our parents will no longer oppose what.

Colleague M, ability to work well, and hard-working, but I do not know how it is, and cheap nfl jerseys wholesale not a boss urine pot. The boss a few assignments, M will also go to complete, but always in the complete process full of complaints, exudes strong resentment. The contradiction between the concentration of the outbreak, because the distribution of the annual budget, M thought the boss gave him the sector distribution budget is too small, is not reasonable, let the boss to give a statement, the boss explained that according to the completion of the last year and this year’s index to the budget, M let the company last year and complete index this year, the index of all data, and explain clearly, so the boss furiously took a table, then M also Hengmeilengdui took the table, a meeting of embarrassment. M was later removed from the city, is also affected by the occupation development.

Hua Zi students, after graduation went to work in a large state-owned enterprises, because the state-owned plus serious promotion according to status, just graduated from Hua Zi who have retained some of the students to the childish, so when Hua Zi went to the Department under the leadership of Hua Zi is not to be seen, but there is a hard-working, kind-hearted, tea and natural water without end but some colleagues said, usually what little busy, Hua Zi can help to help, even so, Hua Zi still heard from the side, leading to his evaluation is not high, but Hua Zi did not put these in mind, it is not depressed, but continue to do their own thing, and strive to improve business skills. Then, after a year and a half, Hua Zi because of business excellence and outstanding performance, a promotion, a year later, Hua Zi promoted second times, while Hua Zi has become a leading old boss, and became very good friends and old leaders.

I would like to share these stories, because for me, they are not cheap nike jerseys wholesale a “story”, but life itself, because they have different forms in my life and affect me, and they like the back of a coin, a common interpretation of the real life itself looks like you it is very difficult to arbitrarily say that, for them, the life of this coin is positive or negative, in the end, because life is a test, everyone is just trying to seriously give their own answers, however, it is not a standard answer.

But if you put aside the factors of value choice, one thing is: even if others obviously unreasonable for you, if you have enough strength, you are still more likely to get the life you want.

Let us look back:

When Ma promotion Alibaba, many people called a liar, big flicker, how many people were willing to tell him unreasonable, listen to him talk his business plan? Can ma by virtue of their own strength and dedication, so that the Alibaba to become a ring to the world’s name.

The first song friend Jay Chou, who came energizes, and who are willing to wholesale cheap nike jerseys tell him reason to listen to him talk music dream? He with his talent and ability, and eventually become the iconic characters of Chinese music.

The first part of Zhou Xingchi, just a few seconds of dew face will die a small supporting role, at that time who told him unreasonable, invited him to make a comedy movie? But he became a veritable king of comedy by virtue of his own comic talent and excellent acting skills.

Let’s turn to think:

If you are not selling, you blame your competitors unreasonable,cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale disrupting the market, what is the use? Not to think about how to improve their products and make it more competitive, is the kingly way.

If you quarrel with his girlfriend, you blame your girlfriend unreasonable, do not care about you, what is the use? Think about how you can improve yourself.

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