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Forum often see such Look down on you nike nfl jerseys help post: “other from china wholesale supply people look down on me, how should I do?”Many times, people look down on you, not for you, but you do not good enough, let a person have to say.Tell a fable first:A rich man met a poor man for the poor, said: “I am so rich, why don’t you respect me? ”

The poor man replied, “what do you have to do with me? Why should I respect you? ”

He said: “I put my possessions to you in half, you will respect me? ”

The poor man replied: “you give me half of the property, I will be nike nfl jerseys the same as you, why should respect you? ”

The rich man said: “I put all of the property to you? ”

The poor man said, “then I will not respect you, because I am rich, you are poor. ”

Although this is a joke, but to explain the truth: if you want to get the respect of others, we must have convincing conditions, including the characteristics, quality, sentiment and will, etc..

Do not shun people are usually very sensitive, very concerned about their attitude towards others, therefore often worry about personal gains and losses. In fact, in the face of others are not friendly, we have to do is to open the emergency button, in vivo, to mobilize all the antivirus software, completely repair their emotions and feelings, the boring sarcastic remarks and suspicion are thrown away, leaving only can motivate their proverbs.

Before the Han Han’s fortune, who wandered the streets, and nike nfl jerseys from china several times want to die himself. An old lady in the river rinsing cotton to pity him, every day, a bowl of rice to him, for he made dozens of days. Then fill the stomach, can not help but remember, the old lady said, the future he will repay her with kindness. The old lady listens, fly, said: “her husband can not eat. I cry and eat it at the prince, quote! “This sentence is to say, you are a man can not stand, I pity you just as childe and prepare you for the meals, where possible, to get what you so paranoid return, rhetoric, is ridiculous!

The old lady said, can be said to be quite rigid unfeeling! A cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale poor helpless old lady, but at seven feet tall say such words, it is a shame for Han to the extreme. However, it is this to have been a head-on blow, subsidence in the confusion in the Han pull back, so he began to have a strong desire to change the status quo.

Lv Kun, a thinker in the Ming Dynasty, said: “poverty is not a shame, but shame is poverty. “If a person can only boast a lack of morale, and no real strength, even oneself all can’t take good care of, how could return and give to others? Moreover, when Han Xin ought to be ashamed of, but how I rushed the lady promised?

So this time by Han stimulus in the wake, began to make progress, through hardships and perils, and finally become the fame prominent general in the Han Dynasty, and finally realized the heavy thanks to the old lady. We can not help but fortunately, if the old lady is a gentle person, just to say “you have no compassion for nike nfl jerseys free shipping others han to be motivated, you have to” like it, then that wandering Han so quickly find the coordinates of life, and toward this direction? That’s absolutely impossible.

Ridicule is a very embarrassing thing, but can not be avoided, so the best way is to use it to effectively stimulate digestion, become a new situation, you start to reverse the trend.

Philosopher Montaigne said: “if the result is painful, I will try to avoid the present happiness; if the result is happy, I will endure the temporary pain! ”

A person is weak, do not go to the memory of those once scenery, don’t complain that the world is not fair, not to become poor people (balloon everywhere bullied, everywhere man). What we need to do is to find the cause of the failure, pack up all the things in the past, and become a rich experience, and then we can move forward without any burden. And the important work along the way is to regain your strength and confidence, to let others see your light!

The legend of the Song Dynasty scholar Su Shi when visiting Mogan Mountain, into a Taoist temple mountainside pilgrimage. Taoist priest saw him wearing a very simple, he thought he should be a common people, so he said with an unusual Indifference: “sit! “And the boy,” said the boy! ”

Su Shi takes a seat and Taoist tea, casually talk a few words. A few words, the Taoist found visitors grace, Su Shi immediately into the hall, placed under the chair and said: “please sit down! “And he told the boy,” the king of tea! ”

Su Shi and monk to the mouth speaks greatly Taoist sparkling discourse, gee, could not help but ask nike nfl jersey supply the guest name. Su Shi smiled and said: “Xiao Guan Hangzhou Tong Su Zi zhan. “Taoist smell speech got up immediately, please Su Shi into a quiet room, and the attitude humbly said:” please seat! “Again the boy said,” incense tea! ”

Finally, Su Shi ready to leave, asked to leave the Taoist calligraphy. Su Shi thought a moment, think of all the attitude of the priests, he wrote a famous poetic couplet: “please sit down sit seat, tea tea tea incense, with Taoist to satire.

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