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My father often told me Comparison cheap wholesale: you look at people, which football jerseys for sale china one is like you? Which people are holding ten thousand dollars of wages not to do, to resign back? Who is 25 years old at home do not go to work? What is your university, not just to find a good job, not just to make money, to get married?

My dad mean, I should like other people, the University in order to find a good job, find a good job in order to earn money, earn money to go get married, get married and have children, then for a child to college, then the son to find a good job, earn money home. So for generations in cycles.

I think it’s just to live, not to live. More than the future I want. So never take like a passing football jerseys wind with his theory. Anyway, I have been financially independent since I was eighteen years old. I have saved up to support myself. I can be responsible for my life.

In fact, my father said that a lot of ordinary people’s life. Not all of the vitality, lack of interest and enthusiasm, ambition is very small, but the university graduate to find a relatively affluent perfunctory, stable work, warm and comfortable, this past life. But I don’t want to do that. I’m not who I am. Don’t have to be with anyone. Do not have to look at other people’s day to live their own lives.

Never take others to compare with their own. This is easier said than done, but it is not so easy. The football jerseys china day is your own, others can not help you live. Really want to do, I only suggest that: quit all social networks. Social networks are too impetuous. You have to calm down and do what you really want to do. Don’t know what to do all day, will always look at others, take others with their own.

You have a personal ambition, the key to be able to practice. You said you will receive the Nobel prize in literature, I will laugh at you; but if you from now on, reading classics every day, research writing skills, insist on writing every day, every time there are new works, from your work read the continuous progress, so, even if you don’t get any future I will respect the prize, you.

For example, I now quit at home, never a day is wasted. Compared to the past in the company every day to see ordinary procedures, write the code, I am now, every day a comprehensive plan, to see how many pages of the book, how many words to complete the manuscript; plan a week, plan each month; serialized in every time a watercress reading works have their own project, the outline of EXCEL table, the total number of chapters, each chapter of the nike nfl jerseys from china main content about what each character, what appearance, character, what is the relationship between the characters, what the football jerseys cheap main line, how much do you charge for many days to complete, plan, etc.. Read it, most recently in the works of Eileen Chang, the “Golden Lock” “half life fate”, “fallen”, in the study of Eileen Chang’s writing techniques, for practical application in lower series of novels.

This world was never a thing, everything must go slowly, slowly learning. Where there is a will, I think there must be two major premises: first, there is a big direction; two, there is a small step by step. Step by step, even if the future did not write any successful literary works, I am very much respect for their own.

Delay is definitely not good. No matter what you want to do, big or small, think you should do it right away, or don’t hurry to do another thing. This “short hair may become a habit, will always live in the fantasy, daydream, without any success.

Why the delay? Because human nature is lazy, best not to move the status quo. It seems that the winter morning, you feel very comfortable to sleep in bed, although know this time should get up, but is reluctant. You don’t rise, just follow the inertia. The bed is warm and comfortable, the outside air is cold, all sorts of excuses to lie down for a while, there are great obstacles to force up action, make you feel up is a big and difficult.

This is just a small example, but a lot of things can be seen in the world. Many of the great men of history — those who have great achievements and great achievements, most of them are very strong willed, able to overcome inertia. In their lives, it has never been a bad habit.

And don’t be afraid of the environment, be bound by the environment. A lot of people football jerseys for sale have a bad habit of being strict with others. When talking about others, always say that others do not work hard, when it is their turn to complain about the surrounding environment, self comfort.

No way, ah, I want to…… School teacher…… Colleagues in the company…… This society…… Mom and dad are not allowed…… It’s going to be a joke……

Thousands of wrong, it is not their own fault, are not good environment. This is a very irresponsible behavior, but also a coward mentality. Success is yours, failure is yours, don’t push it to the environment. The environment is never perfect, if the environment is impeccable, human existence is worthless. Who is valuable in him like pigs and dogs, eat and sleep, sleep and eat.

With these beliefs, you can boldly go your way, do not have to go to compare with anyone. (from “the way young ah”)

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