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My biggest positive set a limit wholesale energy source is a skin white and beautiful cheap nike jerseys for sale from china girl diligent. She studied at a university in Beijing, two years of financial master, has now graduated, in a bank Beijing branch to work. In this research a year, she made the following things: (1) the top 3% professional, the key is the most advanced microeconomics headache and advanced econometrics, she got 90+, one of them even 95+; (2) passed the CFA grade one and two, the test over a five CPA; (3) the study, she also leisurely practice, the two companies are the top-ranking brokerage.

Last winter, looking for a job in this grim situation, she can not help but get stumbling, in his hometown of the capital city of a relatively good offer, the family is advised her: “just come back, why stay in Beijing.” She quietly told a friend said: “I don’t have to stay in Beijing, but I graduate in Beijing this year’s harvest, more than four years of college I harvest, sometimes even more than I think in front of more than 20 years of harvest. This growing sense of filling, so I do not want to give up.”

Now, she’s on the job. Just work with my friends sometimes nagging, his tired nfl jerseys for sale to one open house should sleep in bed. I squint, want her to graduate at six every morning to get up on time, 12 hours sitting unshakable silhouette, want her white shirt and suit sat to work today. I feel that even as she said, life is very tired, I would also like to see her future is certainly casts a thousand beams.

See here, even I think this is a learning tyrants wholesale football jerseys story. However, I was in high school with my sister immediately said: “this year’s college entrance exam in our school, then with the score of 723 won, up to their performance actually all dissatisfaction, points out a few days back to school to learn English…… This is Curve Wrecker ok!”

So, I’m not talking about a school bully. Because there is always a person in the world who can use a shorter time to review and get a higher score. I just want to say, in the same growth environment, some people go faster and farther because of the conscious.

May the better people’s eyes, her performance is easy. They don’t even have to die to test, can smooth the research to the school, do not do their best to prepare, can let the people get jealous of offer. But three years ago, she and I graduated from college, four years ago, we in a classroom, listening to the same class to write the same job, the same complaint to do the same questions.

Three years later, I had been her behind, and only see the front of the dusty, even looking cheap nfl jerseys for sale for missing shadow. Behind that piece of dust, not only is the lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge, I am missing, but also to meet the challenges of the courage and the pursuit of self challenge.

Previously, I do not know is due to the inherent inertia, or a sense of frustration, I used to set up a variety of life boundaries. For example, I just do not understand the accounting thinking, I will not be the complex operation of the futures market, I just do not understand the economics of econometrics……

I grow up even more to escape, always use “anyway will not engage in this work” or “anyway also write papers used to those theory” to comfort themselves not encounter problems, find the reasons to avoid the knowledge system of a multitude of names in the mishap. I don’t know the future of life and work, now will not be because of laziness and avoid stumble, but now, I finally understand, even if not fall, I also sent someone too much.

The world has become too fast, others are flying in a road, if only you back cheap nike jerseys for sale, because it’s much reason to find an excuse to avoid learning and accumulation, not only will you be peers behind, will be more quantities beyond your level after the catch up from behind. Then regret it, it’s really late.

For a moment, my most respected teacher had said at a meeting, “the students and young people of your age can be seen as a growing tree. Now for you, is not on the branches have flourished, but how to take deeper roots. Because, only deeper roots more firmly, this tree can flourish more forceful.”

At that time can not hear, feel that this reason who do not know. Now cheap jerseys for sale, that is the most simple truth, I only understand six or seven years later. I think the teacher implied meaning in the words: young never to their limits, when trying to learn knowledge, do what they can to try new things and new experience, every little bit accumulation and the experience and lessons of the people. Only in this way can we firmly and solid foundation, absorb nutrients, grow up. Looking back his rickety fragile roots and poor nutrition branches, only feel that to live up to the teacher’s earnest teachings that year.

Last month, I was concerned about a public micro signal called an event, called the next 30 days, every day has a new change, which lists a lot of things can make a change. As a person full of complaints, often complain about, I chose “a day without complaining about” this little thing.

A month later, I was surprised to find that they not only maintain a smooth calm mood every day, get rid of the often troubled by their own focus

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