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Look at the workplace program Your ideal wholesale cheap authentic jerseys, one of jerseys nfl china for sale the male guests left a deep impression on me. His college English major, after graduation to teach English in a school, because there is no way to effectively manage the students, to resign to do sales work in South Africa, but also because there is no sense of value in South Africa, it is home. This person’s self introduction, said poor communication, send interest in between flowers, but the only requirement is to find a job to do sales work. At that time, the person in charge of the top 500 companies kept telling him: “from your introduction to today’s performance, I am sure you are not suitable for sale.” However, this “stubborn” boy still kept saying: “I have to do sales, this is my dream, I will work hard.” In fact, the boy is a play, I have felt that he is not suitable for shopping malls, even some stiff, strangers was too nervous to speak.

In our life, we have to admit that there is a certain natural cheap jerseys nfl direction to do any work. If there is no capital or advantage in this regard, we can go round to find what is really suitable for us. Some people will say, I only engage in their favorite work will be happy, but, in the face of reality, if you do not have this ability, even the chances of work are not. If we become castles in the air, ideal, happiness will disappear, even in the process of being a burden.

A girl I know, handsome, after college, the host, also accumulated a lot of connections, so winning again and again in the school to host the Grand Prix, the judges are a cadre of students. In fact, everyone around her know, arrogance and indifference is a host of the most taboo character, but the two characteristics on her show most incisive. Privately, everyone agreed that she is not suitable for the host, in Taiwan, the total for living high pro feeling, but she could feel good, telling everyone that his ideal is when the CCTV host. Later, she went to the province of the host competition, defeated the preliminaries. So, someone pointed out to her the defects of character, but she did not listen, still go its own way, arrogant character has in the past 20 years deep in her body. And now she is also active in the school on the stage, even if she interviewed people feel very uncomfortable.

This ideal is also toxic. The more achievements, the more toxic. Sometimes because of luck, sometimes because of objective reasons, if you believe it, in accordance with it, it will be like a pyramid scheme, the deeper the deeper. I know, if she chooses to dance cheap jerseys for sale or music, it will be much better than it is now.

We have been moving forward to reflect on their own, this is a good cheap jerseys nfl authentic phenomenon. Some people who engage in literature, they have achieved very good results in outsiders, but he gave up the literature, became a good reporter. The reason is very simple, he can see the problems of their own, know to go in the long run, so he chose to really have the ability to do, rather than rely on a passion for the fight to save up. Therefore, we understand that the real psychological change.

A good friend of mine, her dream is to open a small shop, but also because of the ideal she became the object of our fun — “your ideal is too small, we are college students, how have so little dream?” She always smiled and said, “I think it’s very suitable for me”. This is right, the ideal is not in size, but is really suitable for.

Before making a choice, take a long period of time, so that you really want to think: my ideal toxic? After all, the so-called ideal in this world is so dazzling.

Then today I carefully asked the small c this question, she has been initially cheap jerseys nfl china from the grief of the death of his father came out, but I heard this question or tears streaming out.

After a while, she dried her eyes and thought for a moment to tell me:

Although the fate of the unfair, I still believe that efforts, because for some people, he did not have all the other efforts. The fate of their blessing, they had to rely on their own efforts to change the fate, even in the face of fate, their body is so small, even though there may be no effort to better results, but it is their struggle credentials.

Suddenly I was deeply touched, disappointing even a little moist eyes, all cheap jerseys nfl football
eyes slowly blurred, as if to see the fight in the deep sea and the sharks for three days and nights the stubborn old man screaming said: “people are not born for defeat, a man can be destroyed. But can’t be defeated.”

I think this is the greatest sense of effort.

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