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For ten years,God is God is just a finger I have the love around a cheap nfl jersey china supply fast free shipping friend of Li Yuchun’s: “what ah, also began with the effeminate man or manly woman” in her presence, say she has star weather”.Givenchy autumn ad released, Li Yuchun wearing a fur coat velvet dress collocation, neck wear bow knot fashion, become the first boarded the Chinese Givenchy star. This is a valuable resource for many front-line stars, and fell upon Li Yuchun but there are early warning signs, September 2014, the first time Li Yuchun was invited to attend the Paris fashion week, which is from Givenchy official invitation, and before 2013, the black side of the waist hollow suit for Li Yuchun to create the show Givenchy outfit, it is full the world only this one.

She has been out of the limitations of the elected idol, is moving cheap nfl jerseys to the international fashion stage. Had a lot of people did not expect this day, that her career would like that after all, such as flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, fanatical national support, is hitherto unknown, people thought the heat, will fade, even deprived of her added aura.

A few days ago there was a reader asked me how to evaluate Li Yuchun. I said she was a very special cultural phenomenon. Debut that the red half of the sky, although not often appear in the public view, but as long as an appearance, still maintained the power of the first line star. We know that in the brutal competition in the entertainment circle, how difficult it is? Look at the stars all efforts in order to maintain exposure did know, even Xu Qing the lofty years of semi seclusion are to participate in a reality show, the audience was also questioned made cry of a nose and nose, such as Li Yuchun once the player is how not easy.

In Li Yuchun, most can see life paradox. Ten years nfl jersey china ago, she wholesale cheap authentic jerseys was still a teenager with a yellow head, now her Super Girls game in the photo of the year, it is green and childish, who insist that can see the international range of children in such a girl, that is certainly unconscionable nonsense.

She is just an ordinary girl in Sichuan, father is the railway police, the mother is a full-time wife, the only special is the music specialty, high school took the first campus singing contest “, at the age of 18, held the first solo concert, with professional achievement scores of second admitted to Sichuan Conservatory Of Music. There is such a talent of a lot of young people, only can succeed only Li Yuchun, this should thank Super Girls and her temper, in such opportunities along the way, continue to self challenge, they become Chinese and even the world are the one and only Li Yuchun. These years, she was changed in the time of circulation, until not to return to the original life.

What would she be if she didn’t take part in the contest? In any case, they will not climb the peak.

Opportunities and experiences are so important to a person. Each person in the environment, the different choices made, will determine the fate of the future.

Look at the stars and their families of CF, the stars, and how their brothers and sisters looks similar, the difference is that the former is more like a hardcover edition, the latter is a bit rude. In fact, between them, the difference is not entirely natural appearance, and acquired experience. A star, teeth, beauty, diet and exercise training, standing posture, everyday life in the spotlight, continuous self quenching, life may be more insight in walking, like stones was again polished, gradually makes all come from the world of talent shows itself.

Li Bingbing and sister Li Xue, is the most typical example.

Li Bingbing is the people of Heilongjiang nfl jersey supply, Wuchang County, is the best to eat rice and a little town called. When I was young, the home that can become a major event is the sister Li Xue, because Li Xue is good at studying, has always been the first full year, primary school, middle school when the captain Party branch secretary, when the University of the arts minister, is a leader in the crowd, the family all hope is pinned on her body. And Li Bingbing, the majority of the housework, to ensure that the younger sister has sufficient time to study.

Because the math is not good, Li Bingbing did not go to high school, read directly from the secondary school, after graduating from Jixi normal school, in the hometown of primary school when a primary school teacher, and sister Li Xuezheng preparing for college. At that time, their life seems to have been so doomed, Li Bingbing will be in the home to complete an ordinary person’s life, and by their parents as a more promising young daughter will have a more successful and more proud of life.

Under the shadow of the perennial sister since childhood, has been a nfl jersey wholesale lack of confidence in Li Bingbing’s “I love your occupation, in the advantage of suddenly at that time reflected, feeling suddenly found their value.” Later, she met a party at a party, the other side to help her open the window of the outside world, so she gave birth to the idea of trying to get into the University. In this way, she rely on perseverance, all the books went back down, finally admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy. While Sister Li Xue graduated from college after a period of time, chose to go to Beijing to help her sister, the family has finally put a new hope in Li Bingbing.

What is fate, is just the beginning of the time you do not know how to develop the kind of arrangement. plum

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