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She grew up with many Take advantage of fantastic dreams, as pianist, conductor,the young 2016 wholesale cheap nfl jerseys free shipping photography, travel around the world, a book and so on, but often was teased: “daydream!” And she stubbornly wrote a dream list in her diary.These recorded dreams, always inspired her towards the dream of starting from the age of 17, her heart to chase a dream, a dream fulfilled on the list, and this is a flash for the past 9 years.

She is the dream girl Sun Yifan, was born in the cheap nfl jersey china beautiful city of Ji’nan, is a lively and cheerful girl, interested in a wide range, at the age of 17 with full scholarship winner identity was admitted to the National University of Singapore. Before going to school, a month’s time, the piano grading test has been carried out in just a month later, she would like to take this opportunity to dream on the list of piano dream.

When I was young, she had 6 years to flower, annual cheap nfl jerseys wholesale examination results are good, and later because of work stress on hold. And at this moment, the dream is to stimulate her, she is going to realize it. My mother felt that she is crazy, how can such a short time to achieve. And his father supported her, especially from a friend who borrowed the piano to her practice. In this month, she went to the teacher to learn two classes a week in addition to the rest of the time, lock yourself in the home, 10 hours a day, a wrist injury, she put safflower oil; refers to the tripe worn terrible pain, she bandaged to continue hard. Not much effort, 30 days later, she passed the ten level of grading, tasted the sweet dream.

After entering the National University of Singapore, held at the school concert, Sun Yifan was deeply attracted a conductor of grace, dream list, do the orchestra dream sprout again. She has served as the National Orchestra of Singapore’s National Orchestra, the general command of the blue teacher wrote, talk about their dreams. The blue teacher decided to let her in the orchestra rehearsal. From that day, she go to the band to rehearse, from the repertoire selection to the lights, all the links are open to teachers to seriously study the art of command. At the end of the school concert, she faced the audience calmly All seats are occupied., commanding the more than and 100 man band DEDECATES played a big success, the last round of command dream.

In 2011, sun graduated from the National University of Singapore applied mathematics, entered the dream of many people in the UK Barclays investment banking, the position of high income, good prospects for development. But the rhythm of the day, so she was very boring, dream dream list again jumped out, tortured her nerves, she decided to resign to travel around the world.

In the face of her choice, mom and dad do not agree, think she give up such a good job to stray is blind. Her parents said: “maybe I could not find a better future, but around the world is my childhood dream, I don’t want to go to practice because there is no regret in life, I will fulfill my cheap nfl jerseys usa dream list.”

Sun Yifan embarked on a dream trip. She started from Istanbul, Turkey, via Iran and the five countries in Central Asia land back home, and then went to the Americas, Africa and Europe and other places. She curled up in the Sahara desert, see The sky was covered with stars. in sleeping bags, or sitting in a hot air balloon from the sky overlooking the ancient Egyptian temple ruins; she looked at the world’s most beautiful sunset in the Greek island, also in the Philippines sea and swimming with whale sharks; she passed the 38 line of North Korea, visited the India temple; kiss two month old tiger, also when more than and 20 strangers off the sofa; she encountered a volcano in Indonesia, was besieged on the border of Holland and Belgium, by gunmen snatched the camera in Philippines, was hit head broken and bleeding…… In this way, sun sun with a cavity enthusiasm, while traveling while working to raise funds, to overcome the difficulties and dangers, to practice the dream, to travel around the world 56 countries and regions.

During the trip, she took a lot of photos and recorded all kinds of knowledge and experience cheap nfl jerseys for sale. The end of the tour, she held her photographic exhibition in Singapore and Ji’nan, and published his book “the world is the best I have ever read the University”, to share their travel stories and insights, touched and inspired countless young people. Sun Yifan used his actions declared: dream, not just to think of. Take advantage of the young, and quickly to fulfill your dreams.

Writer Feng Tang said that the success of cheap nfl jerseys china free shipping learning is a certain degree of deception, the biggest trick is that they did not put the matter of luck to the maximum, I understand the individual success is largely a lot of luck. I am not saying that such successful people can not do it, if this type of people to change the environment, for a time, they are entirely possible to do less than they have done this level. This example can be found everywhere.”

In a lot of Star * * * experience, there is a common story, they enter this line, is the time to accompany the exam due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, and not think on, don’t want to be on it. When Brigitte Lin Gao Yuanyuan was director of shopping, eating chicken in KFC, is aimed at talent…… They are all beautiful girls, but the beautiful girl like the numerous, God just so to put someone out of the crowd “, Xu privileges and their individual” glory and perhaps to their loneliness and stress, they will become more perfect, bright, and

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