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Once, a publishing house with me blessing shop 2016 nfl jerseys, a new assistant from china free shipping editor, left a very deep impression on me. Because the work is efficient and careful assistant editor, I want to travel, he early for my booked tickets, hotel, and connect all the tedious work, handling properly; I need to interview data, a week ahead of time he sent to me, I also can refer to the attached…… More people admire, he did what I drink coffee this kind of thing really makes me remember crystal clear, thank moved.

I always thought so, an outstanding person must have had many years of experience in the workplace. Until there was a small talk, only to find out that he was actually graduating from school, this is his first job! Whether it is his excellent performance, or he is appropriate to behave, or calm demeanor…… Can’t see now, he’s so young!

I was curious to ask him, what is the reason, let him so well. He was embarrassed to smile, think, tell me: “perhaps the relationship between the family, to promote my precocious bar.”

He said his father was a gambling alcoholic, he was 16 years nfl jerseys authentic old, had not seen his father, the mother pulled up by a hand. When he was 16 years old, his father came back home. He thought that the father had to repent, finally be a family reunion; however, the father did not repent, but become aggravated, with mother and son money constantly, even to his mother and domestic violence wholesale cheap nfl jerseys.

Dad, let the “home” is no longer can shelter the nest, and become a terrible purgatory. He and his mother while his father was out gambling, hastily pack up and fled their home, in addition to rent houses. In order to avoid the father, mother quit his job, he can only transfer. So he worked hard from high school……

Sad memories of the past, so that the big boy once in the eyes of tears. But later, he changed the subject: “I hate my father, but now I thank him. Because, it is because of such a bad father, will have today so i.”

That’s really good. I think he fully realized that sentence: “suffering, is the blessing of the makeup of the.” Because once poor, we can understand the importance of hard work; because we have fallen, we can learn to stand up again; because it has been broken, we can know what happiness is……

The road of life is long, when we go through setbacks and downs, suddenly look back, we nfl jerseys 2016 will often see light suddenly — are those who have hurt and tears, today we.

So the question is: what is the value of the effort?

Last year, my friends and I decided to go from Beijing to Daqing to inspect several shopping malls, the night before his departure and friends outside the relatively good time, home time is relatively late, sleep sleep will miss the flight that directly on the sofa on the night. It is the first time I went to Harbin in November is very cold, the clothes is not enough, the plane frozen headaches, and because there is no advance booking, then to Harbin to Daqing to buy a ticket for standing room only. A good night sleep, cold dizziness, and after the green train stood for more than two hours, arrived in Daqing at that moment, I feel it is not easy, must be written into the future memoirs. However, a careful look back, these so-called “efforts” for me to do a good job in the end, there is no half dime relationship. What’s more, if I can go to bed early last night, prepare clothes online in advance of the train ticket booked, can comfortably reach the same goal.

That experience is a microcosm of many things in our lives – indulge in such nfl jerseys from china a result is not directly to help, just let yourself suffer some pain in the behavior, and mistakenly think that is hard to.

When I finally realized that I was not the only one to have no significance as to the consumption of people, I suddenly found that: we think very hard people may not be so hard, if you insist on action in the right direction, more than they have no difficulty.

We of this generation to diligence and hard to understand, almost uniform from the school, more precisely nfl jerseys free shipping, we see the efforts of the people, who can do the most hard to read and people. In fact, this understanding is one-sided and extremely naive, because itself is to read and do a very distinctive purpose — to pass the exam. This diligent effort is extremely pure, in general, more time and higher intensity of review can directly improve test scores, the relation between the two distinct and direct, everyone can understand.?

But the beauty of life is that a lot of things that we did not do to a certain extent, is completely unable to understand.

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