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If you stay up all night Valuable wholesale cheap reading,nike nfl jerseys from china only a few hours of sleep for a few hours, how long did not have a holiday is also worth bragging, then Foxconn assembly line on any one of you than you. People are born is a self pity, only keep awake, to see where the real value.

When I was young I have the imagination of many times, like those idols who achieve success and win recognition after the same, and the young friends share how he went from nothing on the pinnacle of life experience, and then tell you: people can not live sincere words and earnest wishes like a straw rather like a tree, and went to the top of the Pyramid only the eagle and the snail two kinds of animal, my success you can copy, etc.. However, after 26 years of age, I suddenly realized that a serious problem – a person’s life may not be a great achievement. Over the past decade, there has been some problems for my friends and feel distress, after some setbacks and misfortune, I have new views on these issues.

Can hard work really realize the dream?

Imagine, Wang Feng teacher is sitting in the chair, looking cheap nfl jerseys at you asked: “what is your dream?” It is said that Mr. Stephen Chow that “a man without a dream, and what is the difference between salted fish” has inspired generations of people. Dream is so important, it is the life of a light. The reasons for successful people are different, but they will not forget to tell you: no matter what time they did not forget the dream, is the primary reason for their success. So, the most common understanding of the meaning of life in our generation, is to insist on the dream and finally realize it.

One thing that few people would like to face is that most people’s dreams will never be true.

When I was in college, I was keen on a wide variety of gambling games, is a regular school around the casino. My career as a gambler from the starting point of the casino in the most basic game roulette, my dream is to decipher the mystery. My initial strategy was very simple, but the effect was too good to be true. In the strict implementation of the strategy in the case of several times before I go to the casino not only retreats, each time to earn a lot, that produces such an illusion: maybe the game is to follow the law, the pinnacle of life was not far away waving to me. Of course, the final outcome we can guess, I put before the money to be returned to the casino.

Just know later, the stupid dream called the gambler’s fallacy. It makes me cheap nfl jerseys china finally understand: in the face of pure random events, all the laws are meaningless.

In life there are very few things and roulette, 2016 nfl jerseys from china belongs to the pure random events, such as the double chromosphere. But almost every one of the Shuangseqiu people will tell you that they spent much effort to study the phase number, study the laws of history, how much to pay the hard efforts, finally successful. In fact, even if it is purely driven by random things, as long as the person involved in the base is large enough, small probability events will occur. Interestingly, almost all of the beneficiaries in the event of a random event will be attributed entirely to their own efforts. It’s not just the actors themselves, but the onlookers.

All the things we encounter in life can be basically divided into three categories: the first category purely by random decisions, such as the Brown movement and roulette; second kinds of purely decided by ability, such as English CET six, 110 meter hurdles, third; we most often, by ability and stochastic joint decisions, such as entrepreneurship love is a dream, or investment.

The inspirational masters always tell young people to pursue their dreams at all costs, which makes me deeply tired. Because most people dream although not pure Shuangseqiu, but it is absolutely dominated by random. In the face of strong randomness, pay more sweat, or squatting at the roulette rules than round the clock beside the desire to understand the. As a singer for The Voice of China champion, but there are so many China sing as well as her even better girl, if they will become the title sounds good as a lifetime dream, so most people will cheap nfl jerseys nike only spend the rest of my life in pain. Whether it is singing or acting, no amount of effort can only let you become very good, but want to become a star, important degree of randomness are far greater than the strength.

I think a person do everything at a young age, can clearly determine which accounted for the proportion of random and can be in a calm mood to accept, is the most valuable wealth.

Luck plays a more important role in your cheap nfl jerseys wholesale dreams. When you are deeply aware that the lucky randomness may not favor with their own, do you still want to stick to it? For me, the dream is always worth pursuing, but I can still be in a calm mood to accept a reality: it may never come.

If the dream is not achieved, what is worth the effort?

Last year, I sent a micro-blog: “these years I have been reminded of their own: do not be touched by their own. Most people seem to work hard, but it is the consequences of stupidity. What stays up late reading until dawn, a few days in a row to sleep for a few hours, how long did not have a holiday, and if these things are worth bragging, then Foxconn assembly line on any one

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