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There is always Once inferiority cheap nike nfl jerseys a way to solve the for women from china free shipping problem in the world. Feel fat on the weight loss, weak physical exercise, write a good article on more. Maybe after ten thousand kinds of try, you and I still have some slight inferiority. But at least, we can finally be honest and tolerant of the imperfections, some of the timid, but always in the progress of their own.

To those who and I have the same inferiority of you.

As a person who posted photos on social networking sites, I was deeply impressed by the fundamental reason that it is not because I still feel inferior. This is normal, looks just passable, a careless, there are always some reason for low self-esteem.

Sometimes watching idol drama, look at other people’s high school life are fast, warm my heart freely, often angry inside. Because throughout my adolescence, can be described as a “disaster” two words.

At that time I was a little fat, often by friends of the ridicule cheap nfl jerseys. For example, I stood in front of the window melancholy said: “study is too tired, really want to jump off a dead.” Friend immediately after the sentence: “do not, do not hit the earth to wear.”

Fat means it’s hard for me to get the right clothes, and you can never expect a girl to look good in a dark suit all the year round.

Fat does not say, I also often sick, a month there will always be a few days to take medicine and even injections. Illness brought discomfort to me a very negative hint, even though the sun is too good to feel the sun super bowl jerseys.

So I not only envy those ostentatious art classes, curvaceous and soft girl, I never get sick, even envy a vigorous walk of the female students, she always looks so full of vitality.

In addition, I also can not sing, can not dance, will not have any musical instruments, almost no special skill. All belong to the youth girl of light, one to my here has become a bleak.

That’s why I’m so low. Every time the language teacher let the students to read, is my most panic time.

If not finalized, I can feel her trembling constantly. Taiwan under cheap nfl jerseys for women dozens of pairs of eyes, each eye like detection lamp, make me nervous and apprehensive glance.

After the University, I participated in various activities, slowly overcome the inferiority complex, but it is forced to. When we have a serious and responsible, active group secretary, one for the class honor sake, what game, but she is always in competition, do not say hello to the US newspaper name, in order to compel us to take part in the competition of the desultory.

So I was added to the long run team, “was signed up” the recitation contest, speech contest, and even forced to participate in my most afraid of math competition. Every time I want to beat a retreat, she was severely criticized and gentle encouragement, abruptly pushed me on the battlefield.

Finally one day, I found myself standing on the stage is no longer nervous, even impromptu speech can also ease. Of course, I’m not a day like this.

Whenever the game, I will recite the speech again and again, so that even if the tension again, I can rely on the inertia of the memory coherent down. Later I went to more and more people speak, listen to their advice to me, and then point to the mirror to practice, correction, and finally I have become a person who has a cheap nfl jerseys 2014 typhoon.

From then on, I finally know that many people are not born able to talk, they like you and me, in practice many times, was finally able to speak.

I don’t know where is the moment to overcome the sense of inferiority, but along the way, I think the real growth is a let oneself become more and more emboldened process.

This confidence, sometimes is not only the test scores of tall, with many good offer, but that has accumulated many enough to let her not worry fear.

On the way to overcome the inferiority complex, I used to be the most awkward three methods – learning, reading, thinking.

Even now, farewell to school and start working, learning method is still the most can bring me confidence.

Master a new skill, to test a high gold content of the certificate, continue to accumulate experience in the work, this kind of learning is really riding a boat behind “.

Learning may not immediately bring you cheap nfl jerseys china nike a high paying job, but at least the possibility for you to find high paying jobs, but also Shundaizhao give you a high paying job to prove the possibility of self-worth.

Some people think that reading is not used, read the soul chicken soup has an immediate effect. But I always think, maybe a soul chicken soup can let you in a moment of burning up the fight, but it is difficult to expect it to save a humble heart.

But those who passed down for hundreds of years, those hidden in between the lines of the sincerity, kindness and beauty, enough to make you cry, because a distant, never met, Freemasonry people have passed similar pain and feel warm.

I remember the days when I was in the mood swings, the despair of my life, the books that saved me. The great, lonely soul, even a word or two powerful, became my best painkillers.

It can always make people feel a personal life — grief at separation and joy in Union in the five hundred or six hundred page book can make reference to the creator’s, and you

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