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At the beginning of 2004 Lucky youth 2014 newest for promotion, I finished my first wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys china

job back to Hangzhou.Hangzhou is not my hometown, but I read the four year university places. But because the four years too good too happy, we are entering the community in the cold greedily from the memory energy intake, so going around or back here.

Alma mater in the back door, the one called qingzhiwu crackage concentration, we rented a small cottage. I insist that has put two beds, of course we slept in the same bed, but that one more out of the total let me feel a little peace of mind — in case of police check the marriage certificate?! Ten years ago, the girl is such a silly guy.

You don’t say, pianjing really once, of course not wholesale nfl jerseys china check the marriage certificate, but because of a rape case near here. Since then, when I go to bed to a bench onto the door crumbling doors, put a string of bells on the bench, a pillow placed a knife.

But the most frightening is not the legendary rapist, pee but sleep at night when the. There are no toilets, public toilets in ten minutes walk away. The severe winter night, trembling towards the toilet trot, holding a flashlight male ticket yawned beside, this time I really envy he can easily find a rubble is a bubble.

Compared to the year of graduation, we are a few years old, but still in the origin. Male ticket in graduate school, and I once again facing the job of this event.

Ten years ago, I was very naive, always too late to see wholesale nike jerseys china the nature of life. When I graduated from University, my mind is full of yearning for the blind idol drama white-collar, the first job is hard to fan a slap in the face.

But when the second job I still no progress. After working in the cheap nike nfl jerseys world trade center looks beautiful months, once again I had to resign from let me find three private consulting firm, has been in arrears for more than a month’s salary, delays in the implementation of.

Before, in the struggle with others, I always give up the one, because it is afraid of ugly. Between the entanglement and let go, I will always choose the latter. But this time, I seriously. And life seriously, and they seriously, and that I don’t understand why people who hurt me.

I appeared on the ten floor of the world trade center on time every day, and moved a chair by the side of my boss. There are customers to find him, he scolded me out, I still do not speak, do not go.

So hold on for a week. The day got to discuss salary, I wholesale nike nfl jerseys china strode out of the world trade center, back very straight. Then, standing in the door of the bright sun, burst into tears.

“Gone with the wind” there is a saying, when a woman is not afraid of the time, she is not a real woman. And I know from that day, I am not a real woman, I have a bitch that. To the world, from then on, I was thrown out.

I wonder if it’s a cup or a wash.

The debt to money is not what big numbers, because the salary is not high. At that time, I was very happy with my men and I was poor. We used to hold two dollars, from the department store in Yanan, Jiefang Road Road shopping intime, and then take the bus home, but fortunately there is no air conditioning. We also had in the morning, a bag of sweet biscuits to share the fun, all the other refused to eat a piece of pretending to be furious.

The bank left the last five hundred pieces of the time, the students of the first red bag bombs fell. The ticket is male buddies, do not send or less to send are absolutely not. I took the last money out of the money and handed it to him, then he took the ATM machine and cried.

Strange is that these details are many years after the husband now, when wholesale jerseys from china the men were told me. I forgot myself. When I recall my youth, I remember all the happiness and joy. Maybe it’s because my heart is too rough, maybe it’s because, as I said to my husband:

Youth is bottoming, what kind of pain is not bitter.

In the summer of 2004, I started looking for a job. This is a relatively smooth, at a gathering of friends, a brother said he took the team is hiring, I would go to the interview, also do not need to.

I accept. A IT sales staff position. If it is at the beginning of the year, I do not have the courage to accept this position, but after the pay talks after the war, I know that you have a normally invisible core.

I don’t believe in yourself, but I believe that hard core.

Into the company to know, all is not so simple. Of course, for a twenty-four year old girl, this world can use this sentence to sum up: the original is not so simple.

With the senior team if called the regular army, then there is another team called the field army. The whole army do not follow the rules work, everywhere grab one, even the regular army is also not spared. The regular army are like brothers and I were playing field, but we play each other.

He said to me, we want to find the blue ocean. Some people suitable for development, some people fit to fight, to open up those who fight in the fight, they always lose, so, smart choice is to open the Red Sea, to find blue ocean.

From the summer of 2004, to the summer of 2005, there was a 25 year old girl, carrying a

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