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In the Danish fairy Success in life china wholesale tale writer Andersen’s pen nike nfl jerseys from china top quality, the beautiful swan turned out to be just a “ugly duckling” when it has just broken shell out of the time, very thin, those who think that the duck simply look down on it. But it is silent, day after day to adhere to the training of their own, and finally in the morning to fly to the blue sky. Finally one day, let people see a swan over the sky, the white feather, dignified posture……

A man who is always doubt that he will be able to learn to make up can only endure the suffering of failure. People who are not looking for their own good and worry about it will become more and more ugly. If you compare with the beauty, your features will always be flawed. But everyone exists as an independent individual, and you can only sing in your own way. You have your expertise, you have a wise mind, understanding the feelings, play to their strengths, their talent, maybe your little eyes will be regarded as a symbol only, anyone can establish their own goals, also can let the dream become a reality, but first you have to know who you are believe in yourself, and to achieve this dream.

Anyone in the failures and setbacks, can not on their own, and his own anger, throwing things, swearing and beating head, endless sigh…… But have you ever thought that this does not free you from the failure to lessen the frustration.

All the situations you are facing now are the choices you have chosen to come out yesterday. Of course, if you are not satisfied, is the ability to change, you also have the obligation to change. But you have to believe in yourself. A person who does not understand his ability will never find the reason for his failure.

Paul Gaug, a famous painter, painted a classic work of wholesale jerseys nfl shaking the world: “who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?” This picture is exactly the expression of some modern people’s confusion and loss of self wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys.

Some people say that if there is no mirror, don’t go to the river as thoroughly as, humans may never know your appearance. If you don’t see yourself, not to really sit down and think that it is difficult to understand and change constantly thinking, emotion and self-expression, you will never know what is your dream. A man without dreams is a manifestation of his own responsibility.

How many glorious success at all times and in all countries, arouse the envy of many people and admired. When they stand in front of the crowd, can let a person feel he was covered with a kind of charisma, but they are not valiant record lucky. If you open the experience of each of them, almost all have had the ugly duckling of the rough. Only they seize their own confidence, the defect as a personality to improve the building of the foundation, and then adhere to change their own to cast the indomitable personality.

The United States Senator Aymo Thomas at the age of 16, is very tall and wholesale nike jerseys nfl very thin, classmates called him “slim”! He was always worrying about his tall, thin body. Once in her mother’s encouragement, Thomas attended a speech contest, he spent a lot of effort to prepare a speech, put the notes all the back, and then to the cattle and trees practiced at least 100 times, finally he got the first place. The audience cheered him, those who mocked his classmates for he is not envious of others. From now on his confidence has increased 10 million times.

A very interesting experiment was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The test personnel with many hoops will a small pumpkin the hoop, to observe if the pumpkin grew up, much of the hoop pressure. They initially estimated that the pumpkin was able to withstand the pressure of about five hundred wholesale nfl jerseys from china pounds. But in the experiment of the first month of pumpkin under the pressure of five hundred pounds, second months under a pressure of one thousand and five hundred pounds of pumpkin, and when it is subjected to the pressure of two thousand pounds, researchers must be on the hoop reinforcement, lest the pumpkins will open. At the end of the study, the pumpkin bear more than five thousand pounds of pressure after the occurrence of skin rupture. When the test personnel open pumpkin found that it has been unable to eat, because it is full of intermediate layers of fiber tough and firm, trying to break through it. To break through the limit of its growth ring, to absorb nutrients, so its roots extend over eighty thousand feet, and all of the root to the different directions of a full range of stretching, the pumpkin alone over control of the soil and resources of the whole garden.

The pumpkin can bear such a huge external force, then the human in the same environment and can withstand the pressure of how much? In this regard, we do not have the concept of! But we can be sure that most people are able to withstand the pressures that we have thought wholesale jerseys nfl free shipping.

Believe that their ability is the performance of wisdom, is a successful life of the door, as long as you are brave to break through their fragile heart, take action, you will be able to go beyond the self. The “ugly duckling” will become the most beautiful, most dynamic and most valuable person in the world.

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