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For people like me the life of the wholesale, if no accident,cheap nike nfl jerseys supply good quality destined to live in poverty, suffered a long hard life, a life history is spent after crushed into dust, for this I can prove that I have come to the world to add grave.

I am a person who has no parents, from birth do not know my father, the mother, she was in a Taiwan to find me, I have only called her aunt in front of strangers.

In the twenty-one years of life, I had no love, never had a father, do not have a home. Before I read junior high school, my mother has been in the care of a relative, since then, my mother and my two younger half brother together with my father moved to Taiwan, I was alone in the deserted land, was being raised by his grandmother, until I went to college.

In the context of such a story, my fate seems to have  cheap nike nfl jerseys been doomed, no future, their own self, indeed, my life seems to be a start toward this road.

My primary school is spent in the Internet bar, the thing that the most often do at that time is to steal the money at home, then run to Internet bar, stay a few days a few nights. My school is the most troublesome students, often fighting, truancy, but even so, my performance is still very good, the teacher would do nothing for me.

After junior high school, then a more cynical. Every day and local punks together, staged a number of so-called “Brotherhood”, fighting, looking for students for money, truancy. At that time, I would think not reading is a how proud of things, in the third day of a day, I should go to school time into the Internet cafe, and then decided not to go to school. But fortunately I always get good grades, the teacher then went to my home every day I go to school with Lilaila, has earnestly advised me to go to the school, so that good seedling did not go to school to waste. In this way, the class teacher came home every day after more cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale than a week, I went back to the school. In the end, I managed to get into a high school that wasn’t good or bad.

I never thought I would be in high school. The future of a confused, the greatest desire is only in the town of home town to open an Internet cafe, the boy did not know the meaning of reading for his life. After high school, I become aggravated naughty, the first semester of high school, every night will turn the walls of the school to go to Internet cheap nike jerseys wholesale cafes, the day went to sleep on the desk. One day is too boring, and an evil associates game tear the book on the table, we pick up the books, a page torn, see who can put a book quickly ripped off, now in retrospect, I cannot understand this ridiculous move. At the end of the first semester, I am normal exam in our class last first, after the final exam, the school will organize classes, I write directly in the school: don’t read, forget the approval. The teacher glanced at the sign the name, I packed, come swaggeringly out of school. Later, my aunt had to go to school to study, even if it is to play also have to go to school to play. So the second stage I from the key class changed directly into the regular classes, because I think the ordinary class fun.

But I slowly feel that my life is a little bit less, I began to feel unwilling and panic. When I saw my aunt and uncle’s care for my cousin will, every time when I hear the students around the holiday home to miss blurt out, when the new year people wear new clothes and parents to buy, and I have to wear my cousin’s clothes, when the teacher asked us to write a composition about a few parents make yourself the most touching thing, when people are in a pitying look at me…… This feeling is more and more strong. I finally understand, I just had a child at the edge of the world, I’m slowly by the survival of the fittest and eliminate social forgetting.

After ten years of neglect, I know the difference between me and my classmates, I and other people, not in a starting line, I must be very hard to catch up, to catch up with.

I and my cousin admitted to university, his parents entertained all the relatives, cousin received a red envelope enough a year’s tuition and living expenses, and then his parents for the power of the family sent him to school, and I alone I came to a strange city, dragging cheap jerseys wholesale suitcases, to enter the college. Tightly pulled my mother repeatedly complained after to my tuition.

After college, my cousin’s parents bought him a house and car, and my mother is always to blame, blame me after eighteen years of age should not be looking for her money, so I said to her, my third, not looking for you to take a penny. Since then, I’ve done all kinds of work.

For one year, I ran to the site to decorate the house. We in the suburbs to the rich villa decoration, during that time, every day braved more than and 40 degree heat, tireless cement floor, a house in the exquisite brush waterproof, tired casually drag a piece cheap nfl jerseys wholesale of wood, fell on the ground to sleep. That for a while, I decorate a lot of villa, but that year, I did not dare to imagine such a villa.

I went to work on behalf of the factory, winter vacation for me this homeless people, can only be regarded as a kind of torture. One year the winter vacation, I went to Suzhou to work alone, I have only a few hundred dollars, not afraid to run to a strange city, find a job in the job on the line

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