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I recently received a message starting with 2016 wholesale super bowl jerseys from the readers, there nfl jerseys from china are many such problems. All my classmates said, “tired of this life now, would like to change, just keep up action.” Liuke said, “live in work, games, movies, want to jump out of this day, have a dream is so far away, I do not know how to achieve.” Micro sun Mint said, “I want to like you to do a positive, dependent on his girl, but always can not find the right way, don’t know where to begin, every time tell myself to work hard, but on a few days to give up, can not find the original reason for efforts……”

How difficult is it to change things? I used the whole university for four years to verify the “change” is not achievable. Looking back on that for four years, I swear I had never seen his as bad girl. Now and then I have a hard, different life, I was overweight, sloppy, depraved heart is strong, the lack of future fine plan. I am ashamed to show people the bedroom, desk is covered with scattered stationery and books, old bread last week to throw away the computer screen, large open stained stains, filled with clear crumbs in keyboard gaps visible, my bed was full of plush toys and cosmetics, bedding half the time don’t stack up in the whole semester, no cleaning the coffee cup on the balcony of almost four months to cultivate mushrooms. I often play truant, put in the bedroom of the drama and drama as “my self” comfort,

by a little clever assault review method to muddle through the final exam. I cheap jerseys free shipping lack of organization, forget to return the book to the library in eighty-five pieces of fine, never to work until the last minute to complete, also often have the order reversed some of the things. I am eager to stage is afraid to become the focus, has never participated in what social cheap nfl jerseys free shipping activities, habits of a person in the dormitory and their nest with bad mood. The more terrible thing, I have been expanded constantly with fat, and spend a Hot pot barbecue lonely night, beer is filled with youth confusion and panic, resulting in each half photographs of themselves to a size. Once a year the 800 meters sports test, I was the only girl unable to complete the task, panting ran 200 meters under the cheap nike nfl jerseys affectation of active surrender, confidently and sports teacher explained, “my body is not good, every run heart very uncomfortable”…… My mind is deep, perseverance thin, always doing some persistent poor things, such as a whim to go to the playground to walk 10 kilometers, but in second days curled up on the quilt inside chips watching TV all day, but also in the effect of very little Whitty complain, “why don’t people change seems effortless?!”

In the most beautiful days, I can never live up to enjoy myself, I want to become a leader in the final exam, but even two hours each evening self-study is not willing to adhere to; I want to wear the dress, singing on the stage in the spotlight, but even entered the application did not dare to fill in a; I want to find a Niubi internship work to do, but even a decent resume not ready; I want to be slim beauty, but never refused to do a bit of sweat; I want to be a writer, but half a month is a lazy. I have done so much in a daydream, but never dream of becoming the own – in fact, I even have no chance to own a.

After graduation was a feeling of hit like lightning, cloudy in the sky, although the pain, but the light but my world is split light, let me hate in addition to busy slag men, gradually found that, in my self building on the failure degree of corruption is more serious the man is my moral than slag, first against himself, he didn’t betray me. I have been living in so many problems, there is an urgent need for a change, but also willing to work hard and look forward to become a better person. I hate not instant success, all the flowers with all discarded overnight, the software and hardware of a landing all upgrade is completed, and the inertia down days and months multiplying, is not very easy to give up.

People fleeing from a vicious life, often need a strong stimulus from the outside world, such as romance, divorce, family and friends of betrayal and ridicule, such misfortune often is derived to hatred, support a dynamic self transformation. But even more intense hatred, also has the day away, when you power from the flames as dying small flames, will be aware of any changes if not from within a firm will, usually not lasting. There is a famous cheap nike jerseys free shipping saying in the west, helps those who help themselves God, that is the truth.

But I must say that, when the initial change, my head was full of revenge on a plan, grew more and more angry feelings, my heart every minute telling myself, “he told me how much pain and grievance, I will use these to win for themselves how bright.” Then look at the “letter to Garcia” wrote “world grand project, the specific things can be broken down into small, want to make big things, we must take every little thing to do after the decomposition, so anything

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